Trump has 'still not forgiven' Kevin McCarthy for suggesting his censure after the January 6 riot, report says

The Washington Post reported that Trump still views McCarthy with suspicion months after he left office.
According to the report, he has not "forgiven" the GOP lawmaker who floated a censure resolution following January 6.

Both Republicans tried to form a partnership in order to support the party in 2022.

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The relationship between ex-President Donald Trump and House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy is "hot and cold," with McCarthy leaking reports about personal visits from the California Republican and then "privately badmouthing" him. Trump's aides said that this was reported by The Washington Post.

Former President Donald Trump was still at the White House. Kevin McCarthy, the GOP House Minority Leader, worked with the conservative administration in order to pass similar legislation in Congress.

McCarthy vigorously supported Trump's attempt to contest the election results immediately after the 2020 presidential election.

He stated that "What is needed in the presidential race" was to ensure every legal vote is counted and that every recount is complete.

McCarthy stated the following week that Trump was facing a second impeachment trial and McCarthy had said that Trump "bears responsibility" in the aftermath for the Capitol riot of January 6.

He stated that he believed impeaching President Obama in such a short amount of time would be a mistake. "The president is responsible for Wednesday's mob rioter attack on Congress."

The GOP leader suggested that a censure resolution be considered, which was introduced by several Republican members in the House earlier this yea.

McCarthy, however, retracted his position and stated that Trump had not initiated the insurrection on January 21.

He said that he didn't believe that he had provoked it, based on what he said at a rally.

Later in the month, the GOP leader, who works feverishly for House Speaker in 2022, traveled to Florida's Mar-a-Lago Club to meet with the former president.

According to an Insider report, there was still tension. Some in Trumpworld continued to look at McCarthy with caution.

According to The Post, Trump's aides said that McCarthy's divergent views were something McCarthy "has learned to be aware of". This is despite the fact that they are trying to regain congressional majorities by 2022 and the possibility of a 2024 presidential campaign.

McCarthy's censure resolution regarding the insurrection has not been forgotten by the former president.

A Trump advisor said to The Post that Trump will never forget this. It's their biggest disagreement.

McCarthy also supported some Republicans who backed Trump’s impeachment for "incitement to insurrection," according to the report. This has drawn the ire from the former president.

Retribution against the 10 House Republicans that voted for his second impeachment has been a major part of his 2022 plank. He also supported primary challengers against Reps. Jaime Herrera Beutler, Washington, and Fred Upton, Michigan.

Pro-impeachment GOP Rep. Anthony Gonzalez, Ohio, announced last month that he will not run for reelection next fiscal year.

Trump chuckled at the announcement and said, "1 down 9 to go!"

Trump, however, resisted the notion that he is apart from a productive alliance.

Post: Former president stated that he has a "great relationship with Kevin".