Samsung's giant Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra might include a notch

There have been rumors of a Samsung flagship tablet that is larger than the Galaxy Tab S7+. Now you may be able to see what it looks like. OnLeaks, 91Mobiles and 91Mobiles shared images of the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. The slate would reduce the impact of the 14.6-inch display by hiding the front camera system in a notch that could be distracting but is better than a traditional design that may have been even bigger.
On the other side, it wouldn't look quite as unusual. According to a leak, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will have dual rear cameras as well as the magnetic strip that holds your S Pen. According to the source, the imagery is "not 100% complete" so it's possible that the design may change slightly.

The notch is not expected to be used by the Tab S8 and S8+ models. These might be subtle changes to the existing designs that tuck the camera in the bezel.

The exact date of the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra's arrival is not known. 91Mobiles suggests that Samsung may launch the design in November, or December. However, it would be strange to wait until the end of the year for an important tablet to go on sale, even if there were no chip shortages. Samsung might wait until 2022 to launch the Tab S8 series, which it can do alongside the Galaxy S22.