Charlie Cox Thinks It's Fine If He's Not Daredevil Again

Most people first became aware of Charlie Cox when he dressed up as Daredevil on Netflix. He did a great job. Fans have demanded the return of the show and all the Netflix Marvel shows (sorry Iron Fist), since 2018 when it was cancelled. Some even believe he will be appearing in future projects. There have been rumors about him appearing in Spider-Man, No Way Home, the Echo show, and other projects. Cox has graciously denied or dismissed them all. He's likely been asked at least 10 times, but he is now trying to convince people to move on.


Cox admitted that he would be open to a return but also said that he would be happy if the character were recast and relaunched for the MCU. It's like how comics often rotate creative teams. Cox said that he would be open to a return, but that he also thought it would be a good idea for the MCU to recast the character. While some things might remain the same as the original, they would look completely new if the show was relaunched.

Cox would not be surprised if he didn't return to the role. He reminded us that we still have three great seasons and haven't destroyed it. More importantly, he warned the fans to be cautious. It is not a good idea to ruin what you have. It isn't always the same.

Although this will not stop rumors and hopes, Cox is correct to point out that there is no easy way to bring back items that were cancelled or neglected. This is even more dangerous for superhero projects. Sometimes you get surprise cameos, like in Avengers: Endgame. Other times you get...whatever bringing various multiverse villains into No Way Home. You don't have to be Cox-crazy to enjoy other shows. His show Kin on AMC+ seems to be quite good.

Cox would not offer any advice to anyone who might be a Daredevil. They should discover it for themselves in the same way that I did. I hope that they find the same joy in this character as I did.

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