This real-life electric vehicle concept is basically a 'Star Wars' podracer

You can say what you like about the prequels but Star Wars: The Phantom Menace made one unquestionably great addition to the canon for a galaxy far, distant: podracing.
The Jetson personal electronic vehicle looks almost like Anakin Skywalker. Its launch video shows it zooming over the ground in a desert location that is very Tattooine-esque. Jetson claims that the baby can fly for as long as 20 minutes and can reach a maximum speed exceeding 63 mph. The baby can also continue flying even after one of its motors is lost, which will come as a relief to Sebulba when she starts getting dirty at the Mos Espa Grand Arena.

Jetson intends to ship the prototype commercially in 2023. However, it is not cheap to relive Star Wars. A reservation for $92,000 USD is enough to purchase a lot of Imperial or Republic credits.