Trump is 'hungry' to go head-to-head against Biden for president and can only be stopped by a 'prison sentence': former advisor

A former adviser said that Donald Trump is "hungry to announce a 2024 Presidential Campaign," according to CNN.
David Gergen, a political commentator, said that his interest in running spikes when he sees Biden get into trouble.

Trump is supported by strong Republican support in 2024.

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A former advisor to Donald Trump said Friday that Trump is aiming hard for the presidency.

Trump's advisors have been claiming for months that Trump is thinking about a run in 2024. Since his January departure, Trump has suggested a 2024 presidential run. Reports claim that Trump had been considering hosting a 2024 campaign event just weeks after President Joe Biden won in November.

David Gergen, a former White House communications director and political commentator who has served in various administrations, said that "the signs are that he's increasingly interested." His interest increases when he sees Biden in difficulty."

Gergen stated that Trump was "really chomping at it" when he received backlash over his decision to withdraw all US soldiers from Afghanistan. According to several reports, he needed to be talked out.

The Washington Post was told by three sources who had direct knowledge of his plans that the former president was close to announcing a run for 2024 in August, during the chaos in Afghanistan. Due to the fear that his announcement might derail Republicans' efforts to win back Congress in 2022, advisors intervened and convinced him to not do so.

Gergen said, "And now with Biden’s approval rating falling into the low 40s, the economy still being not straightening and the pandemic not over. That just makes Trump very hungry." "It will take something unexpected, a dramatic change of his health, or a sentence in prison to stop him," Gergen said.

Trump stated last month that he wouldn't run for office if he received a "bad call" from a doctor.

Trump is supported by Republican voters. Recent Quinnipiac University survey found that almost 80% of Republicans want him to run for the presidency in 2024.

Since his election, Biden has lost support steadily and his approval rating hovers around 43%. Biden's approval rating has been declining due to several factors, including the withdrawal from Afghanistan and a stalled bill on infrastructure, as well as other policy issues.


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