The Galaxy Watch 4 is a lot like the Apple Watch 3 was (in all the right ways)

There have been many cool products in the last few months. But the Galaxy Watch 4 is my favorite. It doesn't fold or flip and doesn't have any crazy Google-configured chips. It is unique and very important. This is difficult to say about other Android-powered wearables. Or wear OS would die, the Galaxy Watch 4 must be great. The Galaxy Watch 4 is fascinating to me not for what it is but because of its potential. Let me explain: It is a very good wearable with good software. It also has the Hail Mary pass, which either saves wear OS OS or doesoms it completely. It does the latter, I am certain. Although I admit that I was skeptical about purchasing my Galaxy Watch 4, I am now convinced. Since it was years ago that I had not used an Android wearable every single day, they didn't offer enough to make me willing to accept all the negative aspects. After seeing that everyone thought they were the best wear OS, I bought several devices from Fossil and Skagen over the years, but was disappointed. VPN Deals: Monthly plans starting at $1 and a lifetime license for $16
Source: Jerry Hildenbrand/Android Central

This part is going to be hard for you, but the thing that disappointed me most was using an Apple Watch. Although Apple was late to the wearables party and the first two devices were not what a true Apple fan would desire, the Apple Watch 3 made it seem like Apple had finally figured out its game. The Apple Watch 3 was a success because of the strong sales. It was truly a great product, and I noticed that more people were wearing it (at least in North America) after it was launched. The Apple Watch 3 was the best running OS until this day, even years later. It was kinda sad that nothing on the Android side of things could be compared. Even worse, Apple continued to improve its wearables capabilities while Google seemed content to let them die on their vine. I don't use my iPhone daily. I don't need an iPhone every single day. This means that I cannot use an iPhone every day and have to settle for a "good" watch. It made me abandon wear OS. The Galaxy Watch 4 is my favorite Android watch. This is not the best Android watch you can buy. It's also Samsung's and Google's version the Apple Watch 3, and I think this is a great thing. For the past month, I have been using it for 23 hours per day. I have no complaints. I have no issues with it and would not hesitate to return it in the original box to get a refund. It's already much better than I thought. It was not fair that I went into product evaluations thinking it wouldn't be a good fit for me. I made the mistake of thinking I wouldn't like it, but I did. I give the GW4 a big thumbs up, because it deserves all of my praise.