Adobe gives all US employees until December 8th to get COVID-19 vaccine

To comply with government directives, more tech companies are issuing COVID-19 vaccination mandates. Adobe is the latest company to mandate that all US employees be vaccinated against the virus. CNBC reports that the company sent employees an email stating that they must be vaccinated against the virus by December 8th, if they do not want to be put on unpaid leave.
The company informed the publication that it would give its employees until December 8th to comply the executive order of the Biden administration. All federal contractors were previously given a December 8th deadline by the president to get all employees vaccinated against COVID-19. Adobe has a lot of business dealings with the US government. Adobe collaborated with all 50 state governments to modernize their services using Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud earlier this year. It also launched the Government Rapid Response Program in the midst of the pandemic, to ensure that people have easy access to government services such as vaccine scheduling websites.

Gloria Chen, Adobe Chief People Officer, wrote in an email that 93.5 per cent of US employees who responded in an internal survey were either fully vaccinated or are in the process of getting them both. The company will still consider medical and religious exemptions, despite the mandate. This move is similar to many others in the sector. Google began requiring that all employees be vaccinated against this virus in July. Apple has not yet issued a mandate, but will require employees who aren't vaccinated to undergo rapid testing every day starting November 1.


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