Rakuten Sign Up Bonus & Referral Bonus Increased To $30!

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Rakuten Referral Bonus and Sign-up Bonus Up To $40

Rakuten (formerly Ebates), has a new amazing offer for the next few days. Rakuten's sign up bonus and refer-a-friend bonus has been increased to $40. This is a huge sign up bonus for new members. Usually, they only get $10. This is in addition to the RebatesMe special increase offer. Why not grab both and get $80 instantly?

Shawns only shows $30, so I suspect this is targeted.

More Details

The bonus is easy to obtain. You can also walk away with $120 if you play in 2 player mode.

Step 1

Refer a friend to get a new Rakuten account. If you wish to help the site, here is our referral.

Step 2

Get $40 off your purchase of eligible items through the portal to receive your bonus $40! Referrers also get $40

Step 3

Refer your spouse or significant other to your player so that they can get their own account.

Step 4

You both will get $40 if they spend $40 on your account.

When all is said and done, that would amount to $120 in your bank account. You are also earning cash back on things you would have purchased otherwise.

Rakuten Quick Review

Rakuten is one the most well-known cash back portals. Their portal allows you to earn valuable Membership Rewards points and cash back. Although they don't always offer the best rates, I use them most often due to their Chrome attachment which alerts me when a website offers cash back.

To ensure Rakuten receives the highest payout, you should check Cashbackmonitor.com. Sometimes, I'll choose the lower offer to get Membership Rewards points over cashback. Their tracking is solid with the Chrome attachment, but Shawn had a different experience.

Last Thoughts

Today, we do more shopping from home than ever before. It's worth having some spare cash in your wallet while you shop. Take advantage of the Rakuten sign-up bonus. You should pay $40, and then invite your friends and family members to sign up for $40 more payouts.

You can sign up using our referral link if you wish to support the site. We appreciate your support.