Don’t Worry, ‘Dune: Part 2’ Is Almost Guaranteed To Happen

Dune WB
Dune isn't the first movie in a trilogy, but rather the first half of a very long movie that covers a single book. Fans are a little unsure if Denis Villeneuve's sci-fi masterpiece Dune will be able to perform well enough for the sequel that it clearly needs.

Fans shouldn't be too worried, however. The box office is doing well, and not just because Dune will be available on HBO Max. There have been strong indications that WB is ready to take on Dune: Part 2 even before the final numbers are tallied.

Ann Sarnoff, president of Heres WB, speaks to Deadline this week

Is there a Dune 2? You can see the ending of the movie if you look closely.

This is in line with the optimistic statements Villeneuve made about the project previously. There is also an HBO Max TV spin-off in the works.

Because they love the movie, they feel it would be a terrible outcome at the box-office to have a Dune: Part Two. They are proud of the movie and want it to continue. They did only half of the movie.

Dune WB

It wasn't 100%, but it was clear that Dune would be a box office disaster for the sequel to not be approved. This is not happening. The first results for Dune are beginning to come in, with solid numbers. While we have to wait to see how the weekend totals will go, it is possible that we could avoid a Blade Runner 2049 scenario here. That film's problem was not its quality but its box-office performance. Dune has already earned $130 million from its $165 million overseas budget, but that doesn't include any domestic numbers.

Dune Part 2 is very likely. We will see the second half onscreen. This will mainly focus on Pauls time in desert. However, we also get to revisit characters that disappeared from the original movie like Josh Brolins Gurney Halleck or Stephen McKinley Henderson Thufir Hawat. You can expect to see more of Javier Bardems Stilgar, and Zendayas Chaani.

Dune looks like it is getting Part 2. It may even be a hit, but we'll see how this weekend turns out.

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