The 14 Best Deals on iPads, Phones, TVs, and More

Poor Halloween. It seems a little too overshadowed this holiday. It seems like half of the internet thinks it has already happened. Black Friday sales are being launched by retailers in October. There are still a lot of deals. Shipping delays and supply chain problems are increasing, so we should be thankful that we don't have long waits for great deals. This is our weekly roundup on the best deals for the best stuff.
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Tablet and Smartphone Deals

Apple iPad Pro Photograph: Apple

Although this isn't a big discount, it's a great deal if you are looking for an iPad Pro. This device is a real beast. For more information on the screen's new features and the powerful M1 chip, please see our complete review (8/10, WIRED Recommended)

The OnePlus 9 Pro (8/10 WIRED Recommends), has a fantastic camera system and is very fast. It has a long battery life, and can be charged wirelessly or wired. Although it doesn't work with AT&T, this is a great deal on a top-tier phone.

This phone is currently at its lowest price ever. Motorola's Moto G Series has been a favorite phone for its value. The G Power is affordable, offers decent performance, and it is also reasonably priced. However, the G Power's camera is not great and will not be updated beyond Android 11.

The Lenovo Tab Plus features a sharp, bright 2K OLED screen with a great design. It's affordable and offers a long battery life. It's not the best experience to use Android on a tablet, but it is still a solid device.

Deals on TV and at Home

TCL 6-Series TV Photo: TCL

We have compiled a guide of the best Early Black Friday TV Deals. If you haven't had a chance to read it, we recommend it.

For many years, the TCL 6-Series (9/10 WIRED Recommends), has been our favorite TV. The 2020 model features mini LED backlighting that provides better black levels and an extremely usable Android TV interface. Walmart also offers this deal.

The Samsung QN90A 75-inch QN90A (8/10 WIRED Recommends), has stunning highlights and great contrast thanks to its mini LED technology (which the new iPad uses). Variable refresh rate support is available for gaming with speeds up to 120Hz at 4K on the most recent consoles.

Roku's fastest and most powerful player, the Ultra, is it. You get extras such as dual-band Wi Fi, voice search and an Ethernet port to ensure stable connections. The remote also has a headphone jack so that you can watch TV in privacy while others sleep. To find the best model for you, check out our Roku Guide.

Deals on Laptop and Accessories

Acer Swift 3 Photograph by Acer

The Acer Swift 3 laptop is a solid midrange model. This laptop is powerful enough to handle your typical workload, including document editing and web browsing. It's also one of the most affordable laptops at this price. For more options, check out our guide on cheap laptops.

The Samsung T5 series SSDs are great backup drives. They are fast enough to back up large drives quickly at 540 megabytes per seconds. However, the price is still very affordable. They are good for backups, but I wouldn't try to edit video with them.

These drives can be used as storage devices to store any HD video that you wish to edit. This exact device is fast enough to edit 4K footage. You can find more portable SSD options in our guide to portable storage devices.

This model has not been tested, however range extenders are a favorite way to increase home internet speed.

Gaming and Audio Deals

Amazon: The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild Photograph

Breath of the Wild doesn't follow the same linear plot as other Zelda games. Instead, it offers a wide variety of hidden secrets that you can explore. This Zelda is more fun than Zelda.

The best wireless headphones are the Sony WH-1000XM4s. They are comfortable, have 30 hour battery life and the best noise cancelling technology on the market. We wrote a whole post about this deal.