Nasa announces uncrewed flights around the Moon to begin in February 2022

Nasa announced plans to launch an uncrewed orbit around the Moon in February 2022. This will allow astronauts to return to Earth's satellite.
The US space agency stated Friday that it is in the final phase for testing its Orion capsule to orbit the Moon using its Space Launch System rocket.

This week, Orion was announced by the company as being secured to the rocket's 98-metre (322ft).

Nasa stated that the Artemis 1 mission will open the door to a future flight test of crew, before more complicated missions with astronauts on the Moon.

The agency will conduct a series test up to February. This includes the interface and communication systems. A dress rehearsal will also be conducted several weeks prior to the launch.

If the dress rehearsal goes well, Nasa will announce a launch date.

Artemis 1 will be a base for deep space exploration by humans and show our ability to extend human existence to Mars and beyond, it stated.

It has been 52 years since Nasas' space program put humans on the Moon. This began with the Apollo 11 mission, and Neil Armstrong's famous giant steps.

Between 1969 and 1972, 12 men walked on Moon. The missions were abandoned for work space shuttle flights.