Alec Baldwin Didn't Know His Prop Gun Contained Live Rounds Before The Fatal Shooting, Court Records State

This photo is taken at Bonanza Creek Ranch the day following an incident that left one crew member dead and the other injured.
According to court records, Alec Baldwin received a gun with live ammunition from a crew member right before he shot and killed Halyna Hutchins as part of the film Rust.

This revelation was made amid increased scrutiny of the film sets and the practice of prop guns in productions. Hollywood workers have complained online about safety concerns for years.

Cast and crew were in a wooden, rustic building at Bonanza Creek Ranch when the assistant director grabbed one of the prop guns on a cart outside and shouted "cold gun" to indicate that it was safe to use. According to a Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office search warrant affidavit, the actor was released Friday by a magistrate judge.

According to police Detective Joel Cano who wrote the affidavit that Baldwin was handed the weapon by the assistant director, he didn't know there were live rounds in it, Baldwin stated.

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This five-page document was also obtained by The Associated Press and New York Times. It provides insight into what detectives might be searching for in their investigation. Cano asked for costumes, film and cameras, as well documentation about who they belonged to. He also said that he believed the shooting was being filmed and wanted to get footage and photos from inside the building.

Cano stated that the shooting occurred while the cast and crew were practicing with the equipment. It was set up by one the film's production assistants and an armorer, who are responsible for handling weapons on the set. According to the detective, the armorer received the prop gun after actor Alec Baldwin fired it. He then removed the spent casing and gave it to police.

According to the Santa Fe Sheriff's Office, a shot being filmed included a prop firearm that was accidentally discharged. Detectives are currently investigating the cause and type of the projectile discharged. On Thursday, Santa Fe Sheriff's Office said that a scene being filmed involved a prop firearm. They later released Joel Souza from the hospital.

The case has been closed.