The King’s Man Does a Roll Call of Some Men and a Woman

Did you forget who the Kingsmen prequel The Kings Man stars? You wouldn't be wrong if you did. The original premiere was scheduled for November 2019, two years ago. However, the film was pushed back to March 2020, when we first began to record history. The scroll tells of an uncanny event that delayed The Kings Man, and other famous movies of yore, until the year in which we are now. A new video has been released by the cleverly20th Century, reminding you who the movie stars are.

It's amazing that no one has ever mentioned this before. Not just men but men who don't seem to serve the king! One of these men is actually a woman. Ha ha! Only Hollywood!


Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes), as the Duke of Oxford, also known as. Oxford; Maleficent sequels Prince Philip, (Harris Dickinson), as Conrad; Korath The Pursuer (Djimon Hopunsou), as Shola. Gretel, the Witch Hunter (Gemma Arterton), plays Polly, the female character. Strangely, the film also features other men, such as the noted Ozymandias actor Matthew Goode, Baron Zemo (Daniel brhl), Tywin Lanzister (Charles Dance) and the Lizard (Rhys Ifans), with the latter playing Rasputin. However, they don't get their names checked because they are Men of another. They are most likely the evil cabal that wants to kill millions of people in World War I. This is odd because, as far as I can tell, World War I killed lots of people on its own.

If prophecies are true, then The Kings Man will arrive on December 22, 2021. We ask for God's mercy.

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