'Overwatch' hero McCree will be renamed Cole Cassidy on October 26th

Jesse McCree, Overwatch's hero, has a new name. It is not Deadeye Dave. In the wake of his real-life nameake's departure from the studio in August, Blizzard has changed the name of the gunslinger. McCree will now be Cole Cassidy as of October 26th.
Blizzard stated in a tweet that he needed to be open with his team and himself to make Overwatch better. Cole Cassidy, the cowboy he was, rode into sunset and faced the world.

Cole Cassidy.

Rides into Overwatch October 26. pic.twitter.com/CT6PmaNXNs Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) October 22, 2021

After the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing sued Activision Blizzard, Jesse McCree was expelled from the studio for creating a workplace environment conducive to frat boys. McCree was allegedly involved in the "Cosby Suite", where Blizzard employees, including Alex Afrasiabi (former World of Warcraft creative director), allegedly harassed women. Blizzard stated that it was looking for a name that would better represent Overwatch's ideals when it announced the name change. It also stated that it would not name characters in-game after employees.