He may still be Mad Max, but he’s also a weary warrior right now

After a 11-2 loss in Los Angeles, the Braves now face the possibility of losing a 3-1 lead in the NLCS to the Dodgers for the second consecutive year. The Braves offense is preparing to face Max Scherzer in Game 6 as they return home to Atlanta. This sentence is not nearly as daunting as it was one week ago.


After throwing just 79 pitches, Scherzer, 37 was unable to complete Game 2. He also allowed two runs on four hits and only threw 79 pitches. Alex Vesia, left-hander, was able to get the Dodgers out of the jam in the fifth. However, the Dodgers lost the game following a walk-off hit by Eddie Rosario in the ninth. This game was full of risky baserunning mistakes from the Braves, which ended up paying off.

It is unnecessary to list Scherzers numerous accolades and achievements (but for the benefit of those readers who arent already aware, four-time Cy Young Award recipient, eight-time MLB All-Star winner, four-time wins leader, the list goes on). After being acquired by the Dodgers on July 30, Scherzer went 7-0 and had a 1.98 ERA. Any batter in the league will find him a formidable opponent. Scherzer's Game 2 performance makes it seem more doubtful that he will be in the elimination game's starting lineup.

It is not considered a serious injury. It is not a serious injury. He was tired. He had almost a week to rest, and let's not forget that he did strikeout seven batters in Game 2. He was pitching after only three days rest for his NLDS save against Giants. In fact, he pitched only two days after starting against San Francisco in Game 3. It is normal to feel tired after such a hectic schedule.

Los Angeles still has Scherzer as a power weapon, but the Braves are back at home with home field advantage, and will need just one win to end the series. Let's just say that the L.A. bullpen needs to be ready. The Braves might be able to win the series if Mad Max can't bounce back from fatigue. After all, he's only forty-five years old and has 15 seasons of experience in the league. It's a long season for a pitcher. Scherzer has experienced neck spasms with Nationals in 2019. He was unable to reach his full potential in the World Series in 2019.

The Dodgers are now less certain about the legendary right-hander's ability to hit the ball, particularly after allowing five earned runs in backward starts against the Padres in September. It's easy to see that he is losing steam in the postseason. While it would be foolish to completely count him out, this matchup against Scherzer could surprise you and be the Braves best chance of making the Series.

Atlanta's Ian Anderson will be taking the mound in Game 6. If the Dodgers win tomorrow afternoon, Charlie Morton or Walker Buehler could face off in a rematch. Unless Dave Roberts calls an audible and uses an opener,