Seven things the Raiders could have done for Black people to atone for Gruden besides having Yolanda Adams & Grambling State’s band perform

Because they don't want to do better, the Raiders cannot do better.

The franchise is trying to save face after Jon Gruden's emails. The team came up with a brilliant idea to make amends for having hired and treasured an inept coach who has a tendency to send racist, homophobic and misogynistic email messages.


Remember that this message was posted by the same franchise who sent it to social media following the Derek Chauvin verdict.

Someone who works for Raiders suggested this idea to me: Hey, I have an idea! Let's get some Black performers to perform for us. They went on their way and it is now reported that Yolanda Adams, a Gospel artist, will sing the National Anthem. She will then be joined by a Grambling States (an HBCU band) halftime performance.

[ Deep sigh]

Instead of ranting about how this is yet more dumb decision by the Raiders, NFL, and NFL regarding race relations, I have compiled a list of possible actions that the team could have taken as a good-faith gesture. Pay attention to the fact that the Raiders seem to be primarily concerned with Black people, rather than addressing the LGBTQ community Gruden has also ignored, since Carl Nassib, the only openly gay NFL player, is in the Raiders locker.


Follow the Rooney Rule.

For those who are wondering, Raiders owner Mark Davis admitted that Gruden was hired by him before he fired Jack Del Rio as head coach. The Raiders evaded the Rooney rule and held interviews with Bobby Johnson and Tee Martin for show. After Gruden was in place, Mike Mayock was hired by the Raiders to be their general manger. Mayock didn't have any prior experience in the front office before he took the job. However, he had been a draft analyst for NFL Network and once stated that he would take Blaine Gabbert over Cam Newton. Gruden wanted Mayock and the Raiders wouldn't let the Rooney Rule stop Gruden, according to reports.


2. Nathan Peterman was cut.

A bum white guy who takes up valuable roster space is the worst quarterback ever. Let him go.


3. Sign Colin Kaepernick

Petermans departure might be a sign that you are looking for a new option.

4. Eric Reid is your signer

Gruden stated that Eric Reid should be fired because he kneeled with Kap. Sign him too.


5. All Black employees should be given raises

You can't buy us off, but I don't think you can. However, I do believe we are entitled to something for our troubles.


6. Donate millions of dollars to HBCUs

If Grambling State is the right place for you, you can drop a few millions in multiple HBCUs around the country. As the United Negro College Fund, UNCF used to say, a mind is a terrible and costly thing to waste.


7. Send the emails.

The NFL lies to us, reporting that no other team or personnel were involved in the Washington Football Team email probe. How about releasing all emails Gruden sent while he was coaching Raiders? There must be something else.