Cam Newton’s odds of being signed are looking up now that he’s vaccinated

Cam Newton, the former MVP, has not stepped foot on an NFL football field since being released by the New England Patriots days before the regular season. Newton has been vaccinated and it appears that his chances of joining a team for this season have improved.

His COVID-19 status has been one of the main reasons Newton is still free to play. It is no longer an issue, if it was, there are a few teams interested in the veteran quarterback. Odds Shark says that Newton is most likely to be landed by the Seattle Seahawks, followed closely by the Washington Football Team, and finally the Houston Texans.


While it has been reported that the Seahawks reached out to Cam, there has not been any signing. However, Las Vegas still prefers the Pacific Northwest team to be the favorite to acquire his services. Sin City is a well-known name in the NFL and will often know more than anyone before they release these odds. Seattle is content to keep Geno Smith their quarterback with Russell Wilson injured reserve.

The Seahawks would not have to spend a lot of money on Newton's pursuit and they wouldn't have to promise anything to him regarding his starters position. Cam has been accused of not being capable in the backup role. Cam has never been able to prove that he is capable of being a backup QB. This speculation is purely speculation. This was another piece of the New England puzzle that led to his release. It was rumored that Newton would not be content being Mac Jones' backup, but he never had the opportunity to prove it.

Cam's performance has been declining over the last couple of years but I believe he could still go to Seattle and take Smith's starting job until Wilson returns. Newton will know who the franchise is once Wilson returns, so I don't think he would be too fussy about returning to the bench. The Seahawks don't have much to lose by giving Newton a chance. Send him packing if he behaves up.

In terms of the odds of Newton landing, Houston and Washington are second and third. The Football Team has had a difficult time so far. Ron Rivera, Newton's former coach in Carolina is now the team's coach. Washington has not shown much interest in the matter, but Newton is now vaccinated and this could be a good opportunity for him. Rivera was diagnosed in 2020 with squamous-cell carcinoma. Although it is unlikely that Newton will land in Washington, it is worth keeping an eye.


Houston is still trying to figure out what to do about Deshaun Watson. But if they can find a partner quickly, I could see Newton looking at Houston for the remainder of the season. We'll see what happens. Cam seems to have some options right now so it's only a matter time before we see dance on an NFL field once again. Even if it's only warm-ups for the game.