We’ll be discussing why it’s automation’s moment at TC Sessions: SaaS on Oct. 27th – TechCrunch

After raising $2 billion in private capital, UiPath, a robotic process automation vendor (RPA), went public. Investors who were a part of this transaction were richly rewarded after it closed at a higher private valuation. Established companies such as ServiceNow, Microsoft and IBM were also seeing the benefits of incorporating automation into their product lines.
Three people have been at the forefront of this trend and they will be participating in a panel called Automations Moment is Now at TC Sessions SaaS on October 27th. These panelists are UiPath CEO Daniel Dines, Laela Strurdy, general Partner at CapitalG, and Dave Wright (chief innovation officer at ServiceNow).

The April public offering by Dines Company, which focuses primarily on RPA and is Gartner's market leader, has many other dimensions than RPA such as no-code/low code tools and workflow automation. We wrote about the hot automation market in an earlier article this year.

We have a mix of large and small companies trying to offer a wide range of workflow automation tools that will enable companies to quickly set up workflows and move work that involves both human and machine labor throughout their organization.

RPA allows companies to automate repetitive legacy tasks that may require human intervention. Imagine pulling data from an insurance claim and adding it to a spreadsheet. Then emailing the administrator with the information. All this is done without any human intervention.

ServiceNow entered RPA when it purchased Indian startup Intellibot in March. ServiceNow also offers tools to automate workflows and low-code tasks, as well as other acquisitions, organic development, and the Intellibot acquisition.

Sturdy was an UiPath investor and currently serves on the board. Intuit also invested in Credit Karma and Cloudflare, which Intuit purchased last year for $7.1billion. While at Harvard, she was the captain of the women's basketball team and helped defeat No. In a major upset, Stanford defeated 1 Stanford.

We will discuss automation's rise to the forefront now and the role of the pandemic. Also, we will talk about whether it is a job killer or making life easier for employees.

We hope that you will join us at TechCrunch Sessions SaaS on October 27, 2013. We will also be speaking with Barr Moses, Monte Carlo CEO and Jared Spataro, Microsoft executive and investor.


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