MCU's Ghost Rider Would Have Had Big Team-Ups... If They Kept Him Around

Gabriel Luna quickly rose to fame as the first live-action Ghost Rider on Agents of SHIELD. Robbie Reyes was a strong counterbalance to the other heroes in the story. He also brought magic to Agents of SHIELD, at a time that the MCU was only beginning to explore the topic of the supernatural.

Agents of SHIELDs Ghost Rider was initially introduced as a villain. However, he went on to become a member of the winning team for a short time before being expelled in season 4. The MCU back when Agents of SHIELD aired was quite different. It was spread across Marvel Studios films and episodic series that aired on ABC, Hulu, Netflix, and Hulu. Ghost Riders appearance on ABC's series and the character's popularity as a whole opened the possibility of him making the leap to a solo series that would continue Reyes storyline and flesh out his portion of the MCU. After the Hollywood giants' acquisition of 21st Century Fox, Marvel Studios saw a major change in their operations. The corporate merger brought back the cinematic rights for characters such as the X-Men or the Fantastic Four. It also saw the end of Jeph Loeb's television division.

Marvels has brought in a lot of production for series like WandaVision, Disney+, and other Disney+ shows, so the futures and fates of characters from the Marvel Television era are in doubt. Luna claims that even though the studios have been coy about whether they are interested in bringing back any of the characters, it wasn't always so. Luna spoke out about the cinematic history of several Ghost Riders in a Comicbook interview. He said that when he signed up to play Robbie Reyes, it was always the plan to continue the story in a spinoff series. Luna stated that Marvel was so keen to continue with the spinoff that they quickly invoked the hold clause in his contract to make sure he was available to start production as soon as everything was set up.

Luna stated that after a year, we are still looking for the right showrunner. Luna also said that they were picking up my position again every six months to pay me my fee to keep them first. That character was a great friend of mine. I loved the people I worked with so I decided to give them that, always with the promise of getting there. We would get this show to the finish.

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Luna and the Ghost Rider crew had been in production mode right up to the time that Disney/Fox signed the deal. They believed the project would succeed. Luna said that he would return the money Marvel paid him if Ghost Rider could exist.

Luna said that Luna had an idea that I pitched that would have kept Robbie in LA. It would have put us up against the classic Ghost Rider villains. Luna was referring to Lilith. It would have made her the biggest bad of what we originally wanted to start.


Although Helstrom (RIP), never got anywhere near crossing over with any other Marvel live-action shows or movies, the idea that an MCU Robbie Reyes crosses paths with Ana and Daimon makes sense. Especially when you consider how magical all of Hulus early Marvel shows were towards the end. Hulus Runaways introduced Morgan le Fay as a major villain in its final season. She was almost able to take over the world due to the fact that the team against her had very little knowledge of magic. Morgan's innate powers and her ability to possess a copy the Darkhold made her powerful in the series. It was possible that more stories featuring magical characters might be in the works. This was evident when the Darkholds appeared in Runaways.

Wanda Maximoffs took the Darkhold to Wanda Vision at the end of WandaVision. It seems that the Scarlet Witch will be a part of the Multiverse of Madness issue. It seems unlikely that it will be reunited with Robbie Reyes. Luna sees the Ghost Rider unrealized as a missed opportunity for a character who was beloved and prominently displayed by American superheroes.


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