Micro Center leaks specs and pricing for Intel’s new Alder Lake Core i9 CPU

Despite being able to purchase a few Core i9-12900K processors early, we didn't have any details about Intels upcoming Alder Lake line of chips. Micro Center now has a sale page, suggesting that the chips will be available at $669.99 upon launch on November 4.
According to the spec sheet, this chip will be capable of operating at 3.2GHz with 16 cores, and 30MB L3 cache. It is also capable of running Turbo Mode at 5.2GHz. The specifications reveal that it supports DDR5 memory and PCIe Gen 5 as well as the Intel Z690 chipset motherboards.

Intel promised Alder Lake chips in August's Architecture Day 2021 event. It used eight performance cores as well as eight efficient cores. This leak matches the top-end promises. It lists support for 24 concurrent threads (2 each on efficient cores and 2 on performance cores).