Stephen Curry's 45-point night vs. LA Clippers leaves Golden State Warriors in awe

SAN FRANCISCO -- Steve Kerr is out of words to describe Stephen Curry’s brilliance.
Kerr watched the two-time MVP score 45 points in a 115-112 win over the LA Clippers Thursday night. Kerr then went on to talk about the incredible Curry performance that featured two game-defining 3-pointers in two minutes to secure the win.

Kerr stated that Steph Curry was simply Steph Curry. Kerr said, "There has never been anyone like him." These last two 3s were absurd."

Curry's outburst came one day after Golden State's season opener win over the Los Angeles Lakers. Curry was 5-for-21 from behind the arc on Tuesday night. However, Chase Center was stunned by his last two 3-pointers. The Warriors led 108-107 with the first triple from 31 feet away. It came with 1 minute 54 seconds remaining in regulation. The Warriors held a lead of 111-109 with the second triple, which was 27 feet away. It took 57.7 seconds to complete.

He was aware that it was coming after a terrible shooting night against the Lakers.

Draymond Green, Warriors forward, said that he didn't miss any shot in shootaround today. We kind of knew it was coming. He could have missed every shot during shootaround and still knew it was coming. He is an amazing player."

This particular showcase was even more impressive because Curry started the game 10-10 from the field, including 9-9 in the first quarter. Curry was 16-for-25 on the field, including 8 for-13 from beyond the arc. He also grabbed 10 rebounds and an assist, and the game ended with Curry turning the ball over six more times in 38 minutes.

He never loses his confidence in his game and his shot. Curry stated that he believes that the next shot will go in, no matter how badly he played the game.

Curry stated, "It has earned confidence through the work you have put in." It's always a message that the next shot is going in or that the next game will be a good one. I try to not dwell too much on it. I laughed at the question. I don't know what Staples does when I shoot the basketball. Don't worry, just move on to the next one. After playing enough games, you will quickly master the art of turning the page.

Although many Warriors are used to Curry's talents, Kerr stated that some of his new coaches, Jama Mahlalela and assistant coach Jama Mahlalela couldn't believe what they saw Thursday night.

Kerr stated that Jama approached me after the game and said, "This may not seem new to you guys but [DeJan Milosjevic] was just talking to me' -- this is their first experience with the Steph Curry Experience." They were simply blown away. Even though we were all there watching it, I am still amazed. He is unmatched. He is an incredible player, not only in terms of his shooting ability but also because of his competitiveness and guts. He had a great game.

Green, who has witnessed many of Curry's greatest hits live, summarized his teammate's recent scoring explosion by providing historical context.

Green stated that "I expect them all to go in, regardless of how absurd some of the shots he chooses to take." He makes these ridiculous antics shots all the time, so I expect them to still go in. He's made it that way. He's amazing because of that. He's one the best players in the league, and one of his greatest players. He is a hard shot taker and a tough shotmaker.

Curry didn't forget that Curry's most memorable performance came the day he was selected to the NBA's 75th Anniversary team.

Curry stated, "Honestly it's an incredible honor." It's something I had never imagined. I can remember looking at the Top 50 list, the interesting jackets, and just the names you saw that night. Now think about 25 more. It's incredible to see the past 25 years and all that it has meant. Even if you are still playing. It's a huge difference in terms of how much you put into the game and what you feel like you have left behind.