Tommy DeBarge from R&B Band Switch Dead at 64

Tommy DeBarge, a member of Switch's R&B/funk group and a part of the famed DeBarge family in the music industry, has passed away.
Tommy's family members tell us that he has been suffering from liver and kidney disease for many years. However, he recently experienced a major change in his health. According to family members, he died Thursday after being admitted to the hospital a few weeks ago.

DeBarge became famous in Switch during the mid- to late 1970s. The group recorded hits such as "There'll Never Be," I Call Your Name, and "Love Over And Over Again."

Bobby and Tommy were the founding members of the band, which had a tremendous influence on the future bands in the genre.

Bobby and Tommy moved to Switch to mentor their younger siblings and brothers in DeBarge. However, Bobby passed away in 1995 from complications AIDS.

Tommy was 64.



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