Alec Baldwin Accidental Shooting on Set, One Person Dead

Alec Baldwin was filming scenes for a movie. He needed someone to fire a gun with blanks. However, when the gun fired either shrapnel (or a bullet), it struck 2 people on the set. One of them had to be flown to a hospital.
According to our sources, the incident occurred Thursday at Santa Fe, New Mexico where Alec was filming "Rust" at Bonanza Creek Ranch (a movie ranch).

According to Alec, he was filming the scene and someone pulled the trigger on the prop gun. It is unclear if the person responsible for loading the gun incorrectly placed bullets in it, or if there was something that lodged in the barrel and struck the director.

According to our sources, the director was struck in the clavicle. However, the DP was not so fortunate. She was flown by airlift and rushed to a hospital. We are told that Alec was uninjured.

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He posted an earlier Thursday photo of himself on set. We were told that production was shut down the next day after the accident.

The local sheriff's deputy are already on the scene and have launched an investigation.

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