The new 16-inch MacBook Pro offers a speed-enhancing 'High Power Mode'

If you choose the right configuration, the redesigned MacBook Pro may be even more powerful than you thought. Apple confirmed to MacRumors and Engadget that the 16-inch MacBook Pro equipped with an M1 Max chip could invoke a previously rumored "High Power Mode." Although Apple was reluctant to give details, the macOS Monterey beta code indicated that the mode would "optimize the performance" of demanding tasks in exchange for more fan noise.
If you purchase either the 14-inch MacBook Pro, or the 16-inch M1 Pro system, this could cause frustration. It's not surprising that this is the case. These features by nature increase power consumption and heat. Apple may want to ensure that there is enough battery and thermal headroom (that's, a larger enclosure). The M1 Max is a better choice for this mode than the M1 Pro because it offers more performance.

This could prove to be especially helpful if you buy a MacBook Pro with a higher price. Pro users often need to perform at their best, such as when they have to export a video or compile code last minute. High Power Mode may be able to finish these tasks quickly while keeping noise levels low in most situations.