Abuse putting managers off, says Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta

Newcastle fired Steve Bruce on Wednesday
Mikel Arteta, Arsenal boss, says that managers are being delayed taking up jobs due to the abuse received by Steve Bruce at Newcastle.

Bruce left the club Wednesday. He spoke out about the strain he and his family endured during his two-year tenure with the Telegraph.

Arteta said that current and potential coaches told him that they were thinking twice about becoming managers.

He said, "Yes. A lot of people think that way."

Arteta, 39 years old, said: "I heard many things and I have a lot friends who are taking the courses. They were unsure if they want to be in the hot seat or if it is better to work as an assistant.

"This is not a barrier to me. You have to be afraid about what treatment you will receive. You should enjoy the experience, it is so important that you shouldn't let it stop you.

"But it's important to take care of the environment and put things in the right places. It won't get better if it doesn't. It will only get worse if it isn't addressed."

Bruce's last game at Newcastle was a 3-2 loss to Tottenham on Sunday. However, the 60-year old says that this could be his last job.

Arteta is currently at the opposite end of his managerial career and was asked if prospective coaches had called him with their concerns.

He said, "Yes." "And those who have managed before, experienced managers, are considering not doing it again.

"You can't lose your focus, passion, and love. That is why you made that decision.

"If you're affected by every opinion in your life today, no matter how easily you can read about yourself, you won't be happy with anything you do."

Arteta states that bosses must deal with criticism, but Bruce's comments about him calling him "useless", a fat waste space, a stupid, tactically inept cabbage-head", Arteta believes there are improvements to be made.

The Spaniard said, "I was really sad reading that statement by Steve." "First, I know him personally and secondly, because of the words he spoke.

"We're talking about someone who has been playing and managing for more than 40 years.

"He has managed over 1000 games, and he tells you that he struggles to deal with such a situation with that type of abuse.

"I believe we need to think. "We can't accept certain things as they are and take them for granted.


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