DeSantis calls for special Florida legislative session to fight Biden's vaccine mandate

The governor didn't announce a date.
DeSantis request for a special legislative session doesn't require approval by the state Senate President Wilton Scottie and Florida House Speaker Chris Sprowls. Simpson did not reply to texts about the governor's plan. Sprowls sent a text asking for a response from his team.

Sprowls stated that he has not received any details or dates from his office in a memo sent to the state House shortly after DeSantis spoke.

Sprowls stated that we have not yet received any details or dates regarding any proposed call. We are in contact with the Governors Office, our Senate partners, and will share any details as soon as they become available.

Biden announced in September that he would issue a mandate to vaccine federal workers and businesses with over 100 employees. DeSantis was furious at the plans and said that vaccination should be a personal choice. People who are naturally immune to Covid-19 should also be exempted from the mandate.

The latest development in a long-running war between President Joe Biden and Florida's Republican governor, DeSantis is his plan for a special session. DeSantis and the White House had been fighting for months over school mask mandates. DeSantis financially punished schools that enforced face-covering requirements.

DeSantis stated that it is urgent to add protections to people in Florida. This cannot wait for the regular legislative session next spring. We want to ensure that Florida residents have protections for their livelihoods as well as their jobs.

Although the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration has yet to make rules to govern Biden's mandate, they are expected to include sanctions against federal contractors and hospitals who fail to require employees to get vaccinated against Covid-19. DeSantis stated that he will sue the government for those provisions.

DeSantis also took action against Leon County in connection to a mandate for vaccines that resulted in the termination of 14 employees. Leon County was fined $3.57million by the Florida Department of Health.


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