Twitter is finally letting everyone create Spaces

Twitter launched Spaces in November 2020 to try to rival Clubhouses success. However, only 600 Twitter users were allowed to host Spaces. Nearly one year later, Twitter finally allows all its users to host Spaces. This is an opportunity that should have been granted years ago.
Twitter seems to be behind schedule considering that it promised everyone in April that they would be able create a Space. To announce the change, the Spaces team tweeted that both Android and iOS users will be able host Spaces. The GIF also provides a quick refresher on how to host Spaces after months of forgetting.

The time is now -- we are now allowing everyone to create a Space on iOS and Android.

If this is your first hosting experience, you are most welcome! heres a refresher on how Spaces (@TwitterSpaces) October 21, 2021

Twitter has been releasing new features for Spaces over the past year. For example, you can add co-hosts to your Spaces broadcast and have up to 10 speakers. The Spark Program is a fund that supports Spaces creators. It also piloted Ticketed Spaces which are audio rooms that require payment for entry. All this without giving users the opportunity to host their own rooms.

In July, Clubhouse was made available to invite-only users. Since then, mobile users can play with the app on their phones. Twitter has now lifted restrictions on hosting privileges, so it may have missed an opportunity to encourage users to use the feature. Spaces will continue to grow, but will it haveten Clubhouses demise or become an abandoned feature like Stories-like Fleets.