Hideaki Anno to Remaster 1985 Thunderbirds Compilation Movie

Hideaki Anno, creator of Evangelion, loves tokusatsu and e xistential terror. He also loves movies with the word Shin. Hmm, let's go with two of the three. One and a little.


Anime Network reports that Anno is currently juggling the release of Thrice Upon a Time and saying goodbye to Evangelion earlier in the year. He also has two theatrical projects in the works in the form Shin Ultraman and Shin Kamen Rider. Anno also has a new project in his hands: an HD remastering of 1985 Thunderbirds Complete. This will be Anno's first professional job as an editor. The film was released in Japanese theaters. It combined the 1960s Gerry Anderson supermarionation science-fi series about the Tracy family and their role as International Rescue. This elite team of pilots and search and rescue agents fights the mysterious threat of t he Hood.

Anno has been overseeing restoration and HD mastering of the original film material, which was thought to be lost. The film will be re-broadcast in Japan as Shin Thunderbirds Complete in 2022. It might be a good idea to make it part Annos' unofficial Shin saga. This includes his work on Godzilla and Ultraman as well as the rebuilds of Evangelion. Not only is Annos doing it, but so does his collaborator, Shinji Higuchi. He recently created three new episodes of Thunderbirds from crowdfunding for the series' 50th anniversary in 2015. The series was renamed Thunderbirds 55/GoGo to celebrate the 55th anniversary of its series debut in Japan.

It's easy to see why Anno and Higuchi would love the series of fantastical effects and puppetry. Thunderbirds, if anything, is just as much part of the tokusatsu oeuvre. Even if it featured puppet actors instead of men in rubber suits, just like the W estern creator. Shin Thunderbirds Complete will air on Japan's BS 10 Star Channel, 2022.

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