'I've lost my joy': Anti-vax Republican, who worked for the Trump campaign and embraced QAnon, says she has COVID-19

Lauren Witzke, a Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Delaware, celebrates her victory, Tuesday, September 15, 2020, Dover, Del. Witzke, a new politicalcomer, defeated James DeMartino in order to become the GOP nominee. Andre Lamar/The News Journal via AP
Lauren Witzke was the 2020 GOP Senate Nominee in Delaware.

She was running against Democratic incumbent Senator Chris Coons and won 37.9% of votes.

She suggested that COVID-19 vaccines were part of a satanic plot.

Delaware Republican, who claimed coronavirus vaccines were part a satanic plan for "mass Death," is now recovering from COVID-19. She announced Thursday that she was unable to speak because of the illness.

Lauren Witzke was a self-described "Christian nationalist" and embraced QAnon as well as support from white supremacists. She was the Delaware GOP's 2020 Senate candidate. In her failed bid against Sen. Chris Coons, she received 186,000 votes.

Witzke posted on Gab, a popular social network for right-wing extremists. She claimed that she was "recovering" from the Covid bio-weapon. Witzke, 33, has been a political commentator on the right-wing Christian conspiracy website TruNews. She said that she decided not to tell anyone before so as to not alert "the shitlibs" in the media.

She wrote, "This bio-weapon was demonic." "I have lost all my senses, struggle with constant indifference and brain fog, and I have lost my joy."

Witzke shared her Telegram channel posts blaming TruNews for her awareness of the infection. She claimed that her COVID-19 was ultimately caused by nasal swabs. She wrote that she was an idiot for agreeing to be tested and submitted to their demands. "Yes, I am aware I need a good husband to protect me from making poor decisions."

In September, she left the company.

Witzke claimed that a June outbreak in COVID-19 among TruNews employees was due to a "demonic assault" because TruNews had hosted Milo Yiannopoulos (a former Breitbart writer now claiming to be "exgay") prior to her departure.

PinkNews reported that "I don’t believe it’s any coincidence” that TruNews crew members became very sick right after Milo was brought on.

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Witzke is currently working with Stew Peters who is an online broadcaster that has made repeated false claims about vaccines. Witzke claimed on his program that COVID-19 vaccines were a "mass-death scale injection" that would lead to the end of the universe.

-Right Wing Watch September 10, 2021 (@RightWingWatch).

Witzke's Senate campaign was also marked by open flirtation and support for extremists. Witzke tweeted thanks to Nick Fuentes, a white nationalist, for supporting her campaign, The Daily Beast reported. She also made racist comments about Ilhan Omar and Alexandria OcasioCortez, Democratic Representatives.

Two felonies were convicted in October of a Witzke campaign supporter for pointing a gun at protestors. She claimed that the conviction was due to an "anti-white, anti-conservative" system that is "coming towards us all."

Witzke was a former Iowa President Donald Trump's campaign manager before he ran for office.

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