Joe Judge accepts blame for New York Giants' struggles, says, 'The fish stinks from the head down'

EAST RUTHERFORD (N.J.) -- New York Giants coach Joe Judge doesn't blame anyone else for their 1-5 start. He's just looking in the mirror.
"That's the answer. I am the head coach. Judge stated Thursday that it is my responsibility. "Every player on the field, every position group and execution comes down to me. The fish stinks from head to tail.

"I learned that from great men who I worked with and played for. There are no excuses. Your coaches must insist on this to ensure that your players play the correct way. It is your responsibility to make sure that the players know what they should do and go out to do it.

"But it begins with me and ends at me."

Giants have lost their last two games, and were knocked out by the Los Angeles Rams 38-11 on Sunday. They have lost all three of their home games by a combined score 82-38.

Judge, who has been in charge of the head coaching team for 7-15 years, says he doesn't feel the pressure.

He said, "The only time you feel pressure or nerves is when it's not prepared." You can feel confident if you are prepared, if you follow the steps and are consistent with them, you will be able to go into any situation.

"This is what we teach our guys. Every week we practice, and prepare in a specific way each week. To get the results we desire, we must be more prepared and go out there with a better attitude.

Logan Ryan, starting safety and defensive captain, likes what Judge is telling him despite his rough start. Ryan spoke with reporters Thursday, stating that he was determined to focus on the things he can do better than any other responsibilities.

"You have to respect that. Ryan spoke out about Judge's comments about how ownership starts at the top. It's easy to finger-point, blame and do it all. Respect a coach who tells the team it begins with them.

"I agree. It starts with him. It begins with me as an individual to lead myself and my unit. All of us should be taking responsibility. Only we can answer the questions in the best way possible. There are only so many solutions to negative situations. We need more positive outcomes. I believe that people must take ownership. It's a positive sign.

Judge has promised that the Giants will make it right after spending a lot of money in free agency this offseason to improve their roster.

Judge stated earlier this week that "this is definitely going to improve, so here you go." "I don’t know what kind [the fans] want. But I can assure every Giants fan that we are working hard to get this thing in the right direction. Not just for short-term results but for long-term success.

The Giants will need to turn their season around before they face the Carolina Panthers at home on Sunday. Saquon Barkley, the star running back, and wide receivers Kenny Golladay and KadariusToney (ankle), were not present at practice Thursday. Andrew Thomas, the starting left tackle (foot/ankle), was placed on injured reserve earlier in this week.

Judge stated that Barkley, Golladay, and Toney had "all made progress" Wednesday and that the team would check if they could get on the field by Friday. It is highly unlikely that any of these three will play against the Panthers. Sources earlier in the week told ESPN that Barkley and Golladay, both of whom were not playing against the Rams, are unlikely to return this week.

Judge refused to make excuses for the injuries and has remained focused on the daily grind and the process. It appears to have been received well in the building.

"Joe is our leader. Our leader is our source of strength. Thomas McGaughey, special teams coordinator, said that he has done an outstanding job of keeping the team moving forward.

McGaughey added, "Joe's a tough guy." Joe is mentally strong and does a great job leading our team. He keeps focusing on the task at hand and expressing his desire to win today. If you don't win today, Sunday is not possible. We're going to be focusing on where we are right now.