Dave Chappelle Says He's Open To Sit Down With Netflix Group

Dave Chappelle is open to sitting down with Netflix employees who feel he has done them harm with his LGBTQ+ jokes. It sounds like they are now in control.
According to TMZ, the rep for the comedian said that Dave is open to discussion if Netflix representatives reach out to him to have a conversation.

Dave's camp claims that no one from Netflix approached Chappelle or his staff about setting up a meeting. This is contrary to what the woman who organized and led the walkout for Netflix claimed.

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We reported that Ashlee Marie Preston invited Dave to sit at the table and discuss the harm he believes he has done to the LGBTQ+ community. But she stated, "Dave decided not to show up."

Dave's camp says they are unsure of Ashlee's claims. They also say that he is not against dialogue with any group as he pointed out in his Netflix jokes.