I thought J.J. Watt wasn’t trying to win

J.J. Watt could have signed with any team he chose in free agency last season. He is 32 years old and has been in the league for 11 years. It's more likely than not that he's entering the end of his career. However, he holds three DPOY awards so anyone could have taken him.


Every great, old player in any major league has tried to win a ring. They are not wrong, and who could blame them? While athletic careers can be short-lived, championships can last forever. These opportunities are not going to last forever so you should seize them as soon as possible. Everyone and their momma are signing up for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Perhaps we are so used it that we don't notice when people still want to win. J.J. Watt joined an Arizona team that had just finished 8-8 and placed third in their division. The sentiment was that Watt didn't care about winning a Super Bowl.

An excellent player who becomes a free agent in the latter stages of their career is in a difficult spot. They are not likely to be criticised for their decision. You don't care about winning if you spend less to be a contender.

Watt must be at least somewhat concerned about winning, as he does a lot of it. The Cardinals remain undefeated after six weeks. They are now 6-0 and two wins ahead of last year's total. Watt isn't the only one responsible for this tremendous improvement but he certainly contributes to it.

Although I haven't heard Watt speak on the topic, it is surprising that so many people think he doesn't want to win. Perhaps he is so passionate about winning that he doesn't want to take the easy route.


Arizona was the right place for him. He could have gone to the Chiefs or Bucs, but he chose to go to Arizona, where he could help them to win.

Another part of the You're not trying to win if you go to Arizona argument that I didnt get was that Arizona's ascension wasnt completely out of place. They finished 8-8 last year, 5-11 in the previous year, and 3-13 in the year prior. They were getting better each year, and they now have the No. 1 quarterback. He is now in his third season as the No. 1 overall pick.


The Cardinals are as likely to win the entire thing as anyone. It would be funny if Watt could also secure the $31 million bag as well as a ring. Let's hope that he does, if only for the reason that it might spark his passion for football enough that he spends offseason training to win another one.


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