Free American Flagship First Dining For Concierge Key Members

American Airlines Concierge Key Members are invited once more to Flagship First Dining after the lounges had been closed for 18 months.
What is American Flagship First Dining?

American launched the Flagship First dining concept in 2017. These lounges are actually lounges within lounges. American has Flagship Lounges located in Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles, Miami and New York. It also has Flagship First Dining in Dallas and Los Angeles.

American recently began the process of opening Flagship Lounges again following the pandemic. Flagship First Dining in Miami and New York is now open.

Flagship First Dining offers a relaxed dining experience in a restaurant-style setting. These are so different from what you would expect from a US airline that I find myself pinching myself everytime I use them.

Americans Flagship First Dining JFK

These lounges are exclusive in that they are only available to passengers traveling in three-cabin first class. The only American planes that have three cabin first class are the 20 Boeing 777 300ERs, which are used for long-haul flights, and 17 Airbus A321s. These aircraft are usually used on transcontinental routes like New York to Los Angeles.

Americans 777-300ER first class

These facilities were first introduced in 2003. I thought it was a bit surprising that they would last this long given their low use. Although I can see why this might be worthwhile for transcon customers in New York or Los Angeles, I was surprised that American offered Flagship First Dining in Miami. The airline only flew a handful of flights per day with first-class.

This doesn't take into account the long-term impact the pandemic had on international business travel premiums.

Flagship First Dining for Concierge Key Members

According to @xJonNYC American is bringing back a feature we first saw before the pandemic. American invitation-only Concierge Key members are receiving invitations by email to Flagship First Dining. Concierge Key members report receiving two invitations. Valid through April 30, 2022.

It's a good sign.

AA deposits Flagship Dining certificates in CK accounts. (I assume all CKs, and I assume that only one report has been filed so far. * JonNYC * (@xJonNYC October 21, 2021

You can use your pass in conjunction with the same-day ticket. Additionally, you may bring up to two of your closest family members or friends. Flagship Lounge access is already available to Concierge Key members on all itineraries. This is an excellent extension of that privilege.

Flagship First Dining LAX of Americans

Although this isn't an indefinite benefit, it appears to be an unofficial perk. This seems like an excellent way for American Airlines to reward its most valued passengers.

My personal opinion is that Flagship First Dining should be extended to Concierge Key members who travel on international business class paid tickets. American also ran a pre-pandemic test to offer Flagship First Dining access for Executive Platinum and Concierge Key members who travel on long haul flights.

Bottom line

American Airlines appears to be inviting Concierge Key members to Flagship First Dining twice. Valid until April 30, 2022. It makes sense that American is better using this space, given Flagship First Dining's reopening at 2 airports and the limited premium demand.

Are you an American Concierge key member?