Thrustmaster’s T248 is a great PS5 racing wheel

The new Thrustmasters T248 force-feedback steering wheel/pedal setup is priced at $399.99 and available for the PS5, PS4, or PC. Although it is not as expensive as some other extreme enthusiast gear, the T248 is an all-in-one package designed to get players started with a high-quality racing wheel setup.
It has been a long time since its release, and I have found Thrustmaster to be a great value for money. It's a great choice for both PlayStation 2 and PC if you can make it work with your system. Later this year, an Xbox-compatible version of the device will be available.

Review of Thrustmaster T248 Racing Wheel Score 8 out 10 Good Stuff Great force feedback for the cost

Sleek, premium design

Simple setup and wide compatibility.

Amazon: PC and PlayStation-only purchases (for now) for $399.99

Force feedback wheels can make racing more fun. Good wheels provide a high level of resistance and replicate the effects of your vehicle's track in fine detail. This increases immersion and helps you understand what is happening.

Direct-drive wheels are the best option for racing simulator enthusiasts. These wheels, which attach directly to large motors and cost thousands of dollars, are basically full-on cars attached to bulky motors. For entry-level wheels, however, you will need to use more traditional gears and rumblemotors. Thrustmasters Hybrid Drive system uses belts and pulleys for force feedback. The company claims that the T248 wheel is the only one in its price range to have a belt.

A LCD screen is integrated into the T248 wheel, making it stand out. This screen can display information such as lap info, speed and position. It can also display device-specific settings like the type of force feedback or the angle of your wheel. Although it's not something I find myself looking at, it adds a touch of authenticity to the racing game.

It is simple to connect the T248 to your PlayStation 248 or PC. The T248 requires an external power supply. However, it is easy to connect the pedals to your wheel and then to your gaming console with a single USB cable. You will need to install a driver for your PC. You can navigate menus and other functions with ease thanks to all the buttons that you would expect from a PS5 controller. It will calibrate itself by rapidly spinning the wheel back-and-forth when your hardware is turned on. This could be alarming if you aren't expecting it.

You might not realize the difficulty in actually getting the equipment in its place. Although the clamp system attaches to most tables and desks, you might find your existing furniture not at the right height or position to allow for comfortable positioning. For example, in my living room, I have a coffee-table that is too close to the sofa. To make space for the pedals, I must push the table back and reach the wheel. My office setup was better because I could place the pedals underneath the desk. However, this made me wish for wheel locks as my chair would sometimes push me backwards across the hard floor when I slammed the brakes.

This is not a new concept to racing game enthusiasts. They often opt for elaborate setups that involve putting the pedals and wheels into a specific cockpit-style frame. Although these are relatively easy and affordable, they require more space than simply attaching the wheel to an existing desk. The T248 is a product that is intended to provide a first-time user with a great experience out-of-the box. Thrustmaster may not be able to accommodate your needs.

The T248 is fantastic once you have it set up and comfortable. It can be used with many racing games such as Dirt 5 or Forza Horizon 4 and makes them feel completely different than the games you would get with a regular controller. It is much easier to know when your car may lose control and when it should accelerate out of corners. Even a niche game like MudRunner, which requires you to drive heavy Soviet cars through difficult off-road terrains, can be transformed into a battle against the terrain and machinery.

Although you won't get the same level of feedback as a high-end direct-drive setup this wheel is much more convincing and real than any of the lower-end ones I have used. The wheel also feels premium with its leathery finish and foam surround. Although there is no gear stick, the magnetic shifter paddles behind it are very clicky. You can also adjust the resistance of the pedals by changing the springs.

A racing wheel is not necessary to play racing games. Neither are flight sticks or fighting sticks required for flight simulators. A dedicated controller is essential for all genres. The T248 is an excellent way to start if you are serious about the idea, or just excited for Gran Turismo 7 and Forza Horizon 5. Although $399 is not an impulse buy, I believe you get great value for the price.

It does require some effort. Either make sure that it is compatible with your home or plan to build a fully-fledged driving rig in your basement. It has been a joy to watch the T248 spend most of its time at my desk. If I had enough space to put a frame in there, it would be an entirely new world.