British Airways’ Famous BA1 Flight Number Returns… For One Day Only

British Airways will bring back a well-known flight number within a few weeks but only for one flight.
BA1 will be operating from London to New York starting November 8

British Airways will operate a special flight number to New York on Monday, November 8th 2021. British Airways will fly flight BA1 from London (LHR), to New York (JFK) on Monday, November 8, 2021. The flight will depart at 8:30AM and arrive in New York at 11:15AM.

BA1 is making an appearance (for one day)

British Airways will use an Airbus A350-1000 aircraft for this service. It has a total capacity of 331 seats. The service includes 56 business class, 56 premium economy and 219 economy seats.

Although nothing has been officially confirmed, it is highly probable that this flight will be used to celebrate the lifting of travel restrictions by the United States against the United Kingdom. The United States will allow vaccinated Brits to fly to the United States starting November 8, 2021. According to my knowledge, this will be British Airways' first flight to the United States as per the new rules.

The flight appears to have been sold out in business class despite not having any seats listed on the seatmap. I believe British Airways might be planning something for this flight. Im not sure if its media or another purpose.

British Airways A350 business class

The significance of the BA1 flight numbers

Different airlines attach different importance to flight numbers

Some airlines randomly assign flight numbers to their flights

For premium or flagship routes, some airlines fly the lowest flight numbers (1 & 2)

Some airlines base their flight numbers on historical significance.

British Airways' BA1 flight number was used exclusively for Concorde flights to New York. This flight was once British Airways' flagship flight.

In 2003, Concorde ceased flying and the flight number was no longer used. British Airways returned the BA1 number to its Club World London City service. This 32-seat, all-business class Airbus A318 was used by British Airways to fly between London City (UK) and New York JFK over a decade.

British Airways A318 Business Class

It was announced that the Club World London City service would be ending permanently in 2020.

It is unclear if British Airways will use the BA1 number again for a route on an ongoing basis or if this is a temporary arrangement.

Bottom line

British Airways will fly BA1 from London, New York on November 8, 2021 to celebrate the opening of travel between the UK & the USA. It is possible that there will be celebrations on this flight. But who knows? British Airways has a significant flight number, this number was used for both the Concorde and Club World London City services.

Are you positive that British Airways will return the BA1 number to any route permanently?

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