Where is Google’s foldable phone? Everything we know so far

Google officially launched its new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, as well as its Pixel Pass during the Pixel Fall Launch event. The tech giant did not reveal any details about new products, such as Google's first folding phone. We have reported on several leaks that suggest the Pixel Fold could be available as early as this year.
According to Korean industry website TheElec, Samsung would produce folding OLED panels for its device in the month of March. This is just one of many leaks. Here's what we think we know so far about the Pixel Fold.

Rumours abound that the Pixel Fold will launch before 2021.

From 2020, internal documents suggest that a Passport would be launched during the fourth quarter 2021. This name was used internally to refer to one of the Pixel Fold designs. This prediction was confirmed by TheElec in the middle of 2021 and reliable leaker Evan Blass September. Some predicted that Google would unveil the Pixel Fold at the Pixel Fall Launch event. It didn't. There is still time to see it in 2021.

Google has two foldable designs in its arsenal

After leaked internal documents that referred to the Passport codename, the public was first informed about it in August 2020. This was the first Pixel Fold we'd seen in over a year and it would be the one that launches in 2021. 9to5Googles sources claimed that Google was also testing a second foldable Pixel smartphone, dubbed Jumbojack, in September 2021.

If ever, we don't know when the second device will be available. We don't know if the Jumboback is a second Pixel foldable device or an internal prototype Google uses to create foldable phone features. We do know that they look different.

The Z Fold folds like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and the one that folds like the Z Fold

Some believe the Jumboback codename is a reference Jack in the Boxs Jumbo Jack cheeseburger. The phone could fold hamburger-style like a powder case similar to Samsung's Z Flip. This is in contrast to Passports' alleged hotdog style that folds like a passport, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold.

The Passport Designs folding display may even be the same size as Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 3. According to TheElec's June 2021 report, the phone may have a folding 7.6-inch display panel that folds inward.

Samsung could make its OLED panels, and might own a portion of the Folds screen

TheElec reports that Samsung will begin producing folding OLED panels for its Passport device in October. Google could also use Samsung's ultra-thin cover, which is bendable and is technically made by Schott. Samsung and Google worked closely to develop foldable Android screens.

It is possible that the Fold will come with a foldable version of Android. This could delay its launch date.

9to5Googles sources discovered the Jumbojack foldable phone in September 2021. This was due to references in the upcoming version of Android 12, which 9to5Google believes could be Android 12.1. An analysis of leaked code by XDA Developers suggests that Android 12.1 may offer several foldable-focused enhancements.

These Android 12.1 improvements include a better split screen UI and a new taskbar that allows you to access multiple apps on both screens simultaneously. It could make more use of horizontal space by placing Quick Settings and Notification Panels side-by-side on the lock screen.

The Pixel Fold or the Jumboback will need to be launched before Android 12.1 is available. Were we not able to see the Pixel Fold yet? Android 12 is only recently released.