Avelo Reveals Florida Routes From New Haven Base

Avelo Airlines, along with Breeze Airways, is one of America's newest airlines. Since April 2021, the airline has been in operation. It initially flew from Burbank to 11 West Coast destinations. They also offer extremely low fares. Recently, the airline introduced a few new West Coast routes.
Avelo announced that it would be expanding to the East Coast several months ago. The airline first announced four routes from New Haven in August, and then announced a fifth route in September. Now, the airline has announced a sixth route.

Avelos plans for a New Haven base

Avelo Airlines will open its first East Coast hub at Tweed New Haven Airport, HVN. The airline will begin operations in November 2021 and aims to provide Southern Connecticut with choice, low fares, convenience, and comfort.

Avelo will invest $1.2 million in the airport to modernize and improve facilities and operations. The airport will also have more than 100 employees by the end, including flight attendants, pilots, and customer support personnel.

Avelos' investment is part a $100 million airport project for a new terminal and an extension to the runway. Andrew Levy, Avelo Airlines CEO, described the decision in May.

HVN is a great partner for us as we build our East Coast operations. Residents of Southern Connecticut will love our surprisingly low fares, and the smooth experience we offer. Tweed New Haven is a great opportunity. Avelo, New Haven, East Haven, and other local communities will be thrilled to have a new East Coast base.

Avelo Airlines flies Boeing 737s

Avelos routes starting in New Haven

Avelo Airlines has placed tickets on sale for its first destination from New Haven. Avelo Airlines will fly from New Haven (HVN), to six Florida cities.

Orlando (MCO), as of November 3, 2021 with 5x weekly flights

Fort Lauderdale (FLL), as of November 5, 2021 with 5x weekly flights

Tampa (TPA), as of November 8, 2021 with 3x weekly flights

Fort Myers (RSW), as of November 11, 20,21 with 2x weekly flights

West Palm Beach (PBI), December 16, 2021. 5x weekly flights

Sarasota (SRQ), as of January 13, 2022 with 3x weekly flights

Five of these routes were already announced, while the Sarasota flight has just been revealed. The airline also plans to expand service during peak holiday travel times between December 16, 2021 and January 4, 2022. Daily flights will be operated by the airline to Fort Myers and West Palm Beach, as well as Tampa and Tampa.

These routes have fares starting at $59 for one-way. However, prices can vary and may go up in the future.

Avelo Airlines' overall routemap now includes these new routes:

All Avelos flights from New Haven will be operated using Boeing 737 aircraft. These include 147-seat Boeing 737 700s and 189-seat Boeing 737 800s.

Avelos New Haven Base: My view

Avelo Airlines, an ultra-low cost carrier, was founded in order to serve markets not served by other airlines.

Avelo began operations in Burbank, where it established a base. Los Angeles is a large market and Hollywood Burbank Airport makes it easy to get around. Although Avelos routes are largely unheard of, the airport was well-served.

If you ask me, the new New Haven base is more interesting and riskier than I expected. Tweed New Haven Airport handles just over 50,000 passengers annually. The airport also has one commercial route, American Eagle to Philadelphia.

This area has a lot of potential, but there is also risk.

Avelo is managed by smart people. I'm sure they have run the numbers on these routes and believe that this will make sense.

It's also fascinating to set up an airport base that doesn't receive much service.

I'm sure Avelo's airport cost structure is much more affordable than Burbank.

Tweed New Haven Airport is less than an hour (around 55 miles), from Hartford-Bradley International Airport. This suggests that the airline is primarily looking to poach passengers from there. The airport is also only a few miles away from Yale, so I'm sure it will be very popular with college students.

It should not be surprising that Avelos' first flights out of New Haven go all the way to Florida, with flights available in both fall and winter. Florida could be once again the most popular leisure destination in the coming winter, if it is anything like last year.

Tweed Airport will soon offer more services than ever

Bottom line

Avelo Airlines will establish its first East Coast hub at Tweed New Haven Airport. The airline will fly to six Florida destinations, connecting Connecticut with Florida. It will offer weekly flights between the two markets and up to daily flights during peak winter holidays. Tweed Airport, which is located just under an hour from Hartford, is a small airport that receives very little service. I believe the airline is betting on South Connecticut, the surrounding areas, and I hope it pays off.

You think Avelo Airlines opening a New Haven base and opening the first Florida routes?