Trump announces ironically named social media platform TRUTH Social

Donald Trump has launched a new social media platform. Because the "very steady genius" is an ex-US president, it's only fair that we hear about it. This is something I am just as excited about as you.
Trump's vanity project, "Truth Social", was hilariously named. It will launch an invite-only beta program in November. A larger rollout is planned for the U.S. in early 2022. It is the first project of the Trump Media & Technology Group. The group also announced its merger and upcoming public listing.

It appears that TRUTH Social is a direct ripoff of Trump’s first love, Twitter.

TRUTH Social is essentially Twitter with red buttons. Credit: TRUTH social

Trump stated, "I am excited about sending out my first TRUTH via TRUTH Social very soon," in a humorous press release. He also unintentionally called himself "your favourite American president." "TMTG was established with the mission of giving voice to all. I am excited to share my thoughts on TRUE Social and fight against Big Tech.

Trump's new teat will only be available to Apple users, however. TRUTH Social is only currently available to preorder on Apple's App Store. There is no indication when Android will get it. This makes sense, considering Trump is currently trying Google for damages.

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Trump Media & Technology Group doesn't just copy and paste Twitter. Trump Media & Technology Group also plans to launch a subscription video-on-demand service called "TMTG+," which will feature "non-woke" entertainment programming, as if all of the Hallmark Channel's back catalogue didn't exist.

Trump has made a number of frantic attempts to amplify his incoherent ramblings through other media since he lost his second White House run and was kicked off a multitude of social media platforms for violating the inciting violence rule. His blog, "From the Desk Donald J. Trump", was shut down one month after it was launched. This is his first failure.