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Best tablet for students Android Central 2021
Parents and students may have difficulty choosing the right tablet for them. It's important to find a tablet that is both portable enough to take notes and stream movies, has enough power to do the job well, and affordable enough that you can afford it. The Galaxy Tab S7 FE is our favorite overall choice. It comes with the S Pen and has lots of RAM to speed up performance.

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE tablet is Samsung's equivalent to the Galaxy S20 FE. It is a well-made product that offers solid performance and a lower price. This strategy worked very well for Samsung's smartphones and was easily translated to tablets. Students can now reap the rewards of the same strategy. Samsung's Galaxy Tab S7 FE features a 12.4 inch high-definition screen with HDR10+ support, which allows for great color reproduction. It's perfect for drawing with the S Pen or researching for a project. The Tab S7FE is powered by the Snapdragon 7500G to ensure that you get everything done quickly. The Tab S7 FE has plenty of power and is also capable of 5G, so you can work anywhere.

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You can work for hours on the large 10,090mAh battery. The 45W charger will quickly charge your tablet when you need it. The dual-speaker system with Dolby Atmos ensures that you can enjoy a video. Two cameras are available. The front camera can be used for video calls and also serves as face unlock security. The Galaxy Tab S7 FE can be purchased with 4GB, 6GB or 8GB RAM, 64GB or 128GB or 256GB storage. It can be expanded with microSD cards up to 1TB, regardless of the storage option. The Galaxy Tab S7FE is a winner because of its multiple color options and features that help students play and work. Pros: The Galaxy Tab S7 FE is rated for 13 hours battery life

Maximum 8GB RAM and up to 256GB storage

Dolby Atmos dual speakers

Support for Samsung DeX Mode

S Pen Included Cons: The display does not refresh at a high rate

Extra keyboard cover available

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7FE Space to Work The 12.4-inch screen offers ample space to create and research, and the S Pen makes it all possible. The Snapdragon 750G is powerful enough to do everything. You can also stay connected virtually anywhere with 5G. Amazon: Starting at $505

Samsung: Starting at $530

Best Buy: Starting at $530

Upgrade pick: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is the tablet for you if you are looking for a tablet that can handle almost all tasks. Samsung also includes an S Pen with every purchase so that you don't need to spend extra money for productivity. The Tab S7 Plus comes with either 6GB, 8GB, or 128GB expandable storage. This is combined with the Snapdragon 865 Plus chipet, which was also used in the Galaxy S20 range. Although it is no longer cutting edge tech, Samsung DeX Mode still works with the Tab S7 Plus to create a desktop-like experience. It's a portable experience you won't regret leaving behind. You can also use the device for as long as 14 hours with media playback, so you can go all day. Although you don't need to pay more for the S Pen and other features, the complete package will be worth it. This means that you will need to pay more upfront for the Samsung Keyboard Cover and another Bluetooth keyboard in order to be productive in class. The pros: S Pen included

Rated for up to 14 hours of battery life

Maximum 8GB RAM and up to 256GB storage

Display with Super AMOLED 120Hz

Support for Samsung DeX Mode Cons: Most expensive option

Extra keyboard cover available

Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus+ 12.4 inch Android tablet. The best tablet for all your work and play. The Galaxy Tab S7 Plus has S Pen support and an optional keyboard case. Amazon: Starting at $719

Best Buy: Starting at $720

Samsung: Starting at $850

iPad Air 4 (2020), the best Apple tablet for students

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Our iPad Air 2020 review demonstrates that, despite our focus on Android, we aren't afraid to praise Apple when it wins. The iPad Air 4 is half the price of the iPad Pro 2021 and offers a similar performance level for creative apps. The iPad Air 4 is lightweight and thin with five metallic colors, Touch ID integrated into the power button, as well as two powerful speakers. The LCD screen measures 2360x1640 pixels and is only 60Hz, compared to 120Hz on Tab S7+. However, it has 500 nits brightness with anti-reflective coating. This makes it ideal for use in direct sunlight or late-night binges. The A14 Bionic chipet, also found in iPhone 12, produces amazing performance speeds that exceed the Snapdragon 865 Plus found on the Tab S7+. If your school's Wi Fi network is not reliable, you can add cellular data. The iPad Air 2020 is very well-equipped with iPadOS, which is more optimized than Android tablet apps, and USB-C charging. The 64GB base model is not enough so you will need to spend a lot more. As with most Apple products, the battery life is very poor. We tested it with a minimum of eight hours. It's still a great product for both students and non-students. Pros: Beautiful design

Bright, vivid display

Students will find great software

Fast chipset for multitasking

Touch ID unlock Cons: Battery Life isn't great

There is no microSD card slot

It's not cheap to buy 256GB cellular models

iPad Air 4 (2020), the best Apple tablet for students. The iPad Air 4 was nearly flawless last year and offers superior performance and software. Amazon: $539

Best Buy: $600

Best mid-range value: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

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The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite replaces the S5e, which was one of our favourite value tablets. The new tablet features a familiar, light, and sleek design along with all the standard specs that you would expect from Samsung tablets. The S6 Lite has 12 hours of battery life and a microSD card slot. This makes it a great tablet for classwork or media files. Samsung also revealed an updated S Pen. It features a more refined design, a finer tip and better latency than the S Pen that came with the Galaxy Tab S6. This makes the Android tablet impressive, with tons of features and more to accomplish almost everything. It has a 10.4 inch screen and 4GB of memory. This tablet is smaller and will be great for scribbling notes or streaming Netflix, but it's not designed for high-level productivity. It's less expensive than the S7+ and is therefore a better option for students who plan to work most of their time on a laptop. It's not worth paying for features most students will not use. The Tab S6 Lite was designed to appeal to the value market. This meant that some corners had been cut. Samsung added two AKG-tuned speakers to the Tab S6 Lite, instead of four. The microSD card slot only supports a 512GB card while other tablets can support up to 1TB. Pros: Lightweight design

Battery life for 12 hours

Support for MicroSD cards

New S Pen Available Cons: Storage expansion limit to 512GB

Only two speakers

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6Lite 10.4-inch Tablet - Best Value Samsung Galaxy Tab S6Lite 10.4-inch Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S6Lite 10.4-inch Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S6Lite is an excellent value tablet that offers a great productivity experience without the high price. Amazon: Starting at $349

Best Buy: $350

Walmart: $329

Lenovo Chromebook Duet is the best Chromebook tablet for students

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The 2-in-1 Chromebooks such as the Lenovo Chromebook Duet are great for students and parents who want a tablet with a keyboard that can be detached. This allows it to double up as a laptop when you return to your dorm or room. Duet is a great Chromebook tablet for students thanks to its long battery life, productivity accessories, bright display and affordable price. The Lenovo Chromebook Duet has a 10.1 inch display with 400 nits brightness. This is bright enough to be visible even in direct sunlight. The 7000mAh battery can last for several days with casual use, or approximately 1012 hours when used continuously. Although it doesn't have 4GB RAM or the MediaTek Helio P60T processor the Duet has, Chromebooks such as the Duet can handle most Chrome OS apps without much power. Attach the keyboard to your Chromebook and you can then use it for notes and relaxation. Chrome OS is compatible with both touchscreens and laptops. It will work in any context. It does not have a microSD slot like many other choices. This means that you will only get 64GB-128GB storage. That should be enough if you want to store your creative projects, notes, and homework in the cloud. You can also find the best Chromebooks for students if you are looking for portable, affordable power. The battery life is extremely long and will last for a full day.

Bright 1080p display

Affordable price

Includes a keyboard and a kickstand

You will receive updates up to June 2028.

Some productivity apps may not work with Chrome OS

No expandable storage

The best Chromebook tablet for students: 10.1 Lenovo Chromebook Duet 2-in-1 Tablet/laptop combination. The Lenovo Chromebook Duet is designed with casual fun in mind and hard work in heart. Parents and students will be happy with the Lenovo Chromebook Duet. Amazon: $309

Best Buy: $299

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is the best tablet price for students

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Students will love the Galaxy Tab A7 because it has many of the same perks that made it our top-rated Android tablet. The 7,040mAh battery will not die in class. It also has USB-C charging that allows it to quickly charge back up to its full capacity. Quad speakers will make movie nights fun and your roommate crazy. It weighs in at just over 476g and has a 10.4 inch display. This makes it easy to hold while taking notes. It works with an S Pen. You'll need it separately as previous Tab A models were not compatible. The design is a huge hit with us. The Galaxy Tab A7 is more attractive than most budget tablets, especially the Fire HD 10 or base iPad, which have thick and uneven bezels. This is due to the aluminum finish. We think students will also appreciate the USB-C port and the 1TB-capable microSD cards slot. Although the 3GB RAM and Snapdragon 662 chipset aren't very powerful, they are certainly worth it for the price. The Tab S7+ has a fingerprint scanner that some students won't like, but there is facial recognition to unlock the Tab S7+. The 2000x1200 screen, although not as sharp as the Tab S7+ AMOLED's, is a slight improvement over 1080p displays. The only reason you should wait for the Galaxy Tab A7 to be released is because the Tab A7 Light will soon be available and may offer new perks. Pros: Sleek design

Battery life is excellent

Works with S Pen

Solid resolution at a low price.

It is not the fastest performance speed

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 Wi Fi 32GB Tablet Best for Students This tablet is a great bargain and offers students an excellent experience without sacrificing quality. Amazon: $180

Best Buy: $180

Walmart: $219

Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus Tablet for Grade School Students (2021)

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Amazon's new 2021 tablets were designed to make them more productive. It offers a Productivity bundle, which includes a snap-on Bluetooth keyboard and Microsoft 365 subscription. 1TB cloud storage is also included with the Fire HD 10 Plus. The new tablet is a great alternative to 2-in-1 Chromebooks and was highly recommended by our reviewer. The standard Fire HD 10 and Plus are available for $30 more. This gives you 4GB RAM instead of 3GB, and allows wireless charging. The tablet is so cheap that we recommend the Plus. It gives you smooth scrolling and responsive typing. Split-screen apps can be used to maximize productivity while streaming your favorite video app. The Plus will also give you more memory. If you prefer a smart display, it can double as an Echo Show. The Fire HD 10 Plus is the same as its predecessor in 2019. The 1080p display is still bright, but not very pretty. You can still access Android 9 but it doesn't include the latest advances and improvements to Android. Also, you can't sideload Play Store apps so your options are limited. Some students may just enjoy the cheap way to stream apps, despite the productivity branding. Amazon also sells a Kids Pro edition if you are shopping for children or teens. It has similar performance, great parental controls and fun apps that are geared toward kids. Pros: High-quality specs and speed at a reasonable price

Bluetooth keyboards are also available.

Wireless charging via USB-C or wireless charging

Uses as a smart display hub for Alexa Cons. Stagnant design, limited app selection

There is no waterproofing

Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus (2021), Best Amazon tablet for Grade School Students Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus (2021), Fire up your productivity Amazon's tablet has great media options that students can relax and enjoy. Amazon: $180

Best Buy: $180

Ideal for college students: iPad Pro 12.9 (2021).

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The iPad Pro 2021, if price is not an issue, is the best tablet for students looking to transition into a creative business tool later in their careers. However, the iPad Pro 2021's price tag is prohibitive. Many students only require a browser and word processing applications. This tablet is recommended for students who use creative software regularly or who intend to use it as a secondary laptop. The 12.9-inch mini LED display features 2,500 local dimming zones that provide incredible color fidelity and 600 nits brightness for HDR content. There are many creative iPadOS apps, such as Adobe CC, that work without any delay or hiccups thanks to the M1 chipset. The 12MP ultrawide selfie camera can track and zoom in on you face to make video calls with friends or family. You can connect to Wi-Fi from anywhere with optional 5G connectivity. Its TrueMotion 120Hz panel with four speakers and four powerful speakers make it ideal for students' leisure time. The iPad Pro 2021 can be attached to the Magic Keyboard to improve productivity, or you can use the Apple Pencil to take notes and sketches. The problem with the iPad Pro 2021 is its high price. If you buy the 12.9 inch model, add these essential accessories, storage upgrades, 5G support, and you'll be spending between $1,500 to $2,000 for the entire package. This is a significant investment but the iPad Pro delivers for students looking for a professional tablet. Pros: 120Hz refresh rate

2048x2732 resolution

M1 chipset for laptops

Any iPadOS app powered with ease

5G cellular support cons: Extremely expensive, especially for 5G

Display has been downgraded for the 11-inch model

Battery life is not long enough

Amazon Fire HD 8 (2020), best for students young and old

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The Fire HD 8 is not designed to be an ultra-powerful tablet, just like the Fire HD 10. This tablet is ideal for people who are looking to read content on the move, don't need to carry a lot of space in their bag, or want to save more than the 10-inch model. Amazon Alexa comes standard and offers all the features of the smart assistant, including voice assistant. You can also install Alexa Skills to help you find the answers in your study sessions. It's also lightweight and portable, with an 8-inch screen. You can use the built-in Kindle app for reading without having to carry books. The Fire HD 8 has 2GB RAM, so multitasking can be a problem. The storage options are limited to 32GB and 64GB, so you will need a microSD card to do any heavy lifting. Fire OS will also be used, which is similar to Android but not exactly the same. You can access Amazon services and streaming apps quickly, while choosing the Amazon App Store instead of the Google Play Store. There are multiple color options

Quad-core processor

Ultra-portable, lightweight

Alexa built-in

USB-C Charging Cons: Only TwoGB RAM

Amazon App Store only has a few apps

Storage of 32GB to 64GB is available