Apple Requiring Unvaccinated Corporate Employees to Be Tested for COVID-19 Daily

Bloomberg reports that Apple corporate employees who are not vaccinated or have not shared their status with Apple will be required to take a COVID-19 blood test every time they visit the office.

Under the new rules, employees who come into the office daily would have to be tested for polio each day. Apple is not yet ready to implement a vaccine mandate that would require employees be vaccinated before they return to work. Apple employees who have been vaccinated must undergo a quick test once per week.

Retail staff will be required to have a quick test once a week for unvaccinated employees.

Employees who submit to testing can use at-home rapid test kits that can be picked up at Apple's corporate offices or retail stores. The tests take approximately 15 minutes and employees must self-report their results.

Apple is not the only tech company to have mandated vaccines. Bloomberg notes that Apple could soon be required to modify its rules. Apple is required to vaccinate federal contractors by December 8th.

Apple asked employees to submit their vaccination status by October 24th. They will also need to show proof of the same in the near future. The new testing requirements will be in effect from November 1.

Apple employees will be able to return to work at least three times per week beginning in January, according to plans.