A dozen things to love in Android 12

4. A new indicator in the status bar of your phone allows you to see which apps are using your microphone and camera. You can also disable apps from accessing your microphone and camera using Quick Settings. Flip the switch.
5. Your exact location will remain private. Android 12 lets you choose whether to give apps access to your exact location or to an approximate location.

6. A quick overview of your privacy permissions. The new privacy dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of apps that have accessed your location, camera, or microphone over the past 24 hours. You can modify permissions from the dashboard if you find anything you are uncomfortable with.

7. Your wireless headphones will need to be able to connect to your smartphone, but they don't need to know your exact location. Android 12's Bluetooth permissions allow companion apps to connect with devices such as headphones or watches without accessing your location information.

8. Are there apps you haven't used in a while or forgotten about? To free up space on your device, unused apps permissions will be reset and cached files removed.

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