LeBron James, Anthony Davis reassure Russell Westbrook after his struggles as Los Angeles Lakers drop opener

LOS ANGELES -- LeBron, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook failed the first real test together. However, they did find some common ground after a 121-114 defeat to the Golden State Warriors.
They lost to the Lakers in their debut games: James against Portland Trail Blazers (2018), Davis against the LA Clippers 2019 and Westbrook against Warriors on Tuesday.

James (34 points) and Davis (33/33), outperformed Westbrook (minus-23 in 35 mins) who finished with eight points after shooting 4-for-13 and had four turnovers. Their biggest impact may have been in the locker room postgame, where they helped their teammate.

James stated, "I told Russ that he should go home and see a comedy." Do something that will bring a smile to his face. He is so hard on himself. I said to him, "Don't be so hard upon yourself." It's only one game.

It was similar in nature to the pep talk James gave Davis to Davis during their first game together in L.A.

Davis recalled, "My first time, he sat beside me and he looked at my face, and he said, You're fine. This is Game 1'." He's laughing. He jokes on the phone. I was like, "Why am I so upset?" I just followed the flow. Russ was the same. I also told Russ the same thing. "I'm exactly the same as you were." We spoke to each other and he smiled. I expect him to do better at the game on Friday.

Westbrook's locker room grin was lost by the time he got to the media room to do his post-game interviews.

"We talked," was all Westbrook could say about Davis and James' conversation.

Because he kept his answers short, his entire media session lasted only three minutes.

James, who believes that experience is the best teacher, was optimistic that Westbrook could gain some perspective.

"I don't want him being so hard on himself." James reiterated that this was the main message I wanted to convey to him. Go home, you'll see three of his children that may be sleeping but will bring a smile to his face. He is blessed with a loving wife and a wonderful family. You go home at the end and realize that it wasn't that bad. It's not so bad.

Frank Vogel, Lakers coach, acknowledged Westbrook's difficult situation.

Vogel stated that he values him more than anyone, and there will be some adjustment. He's integrating into our culture and our system. He's the new guy and has to learn his way. It can be difficult to accept the fact that you are used to being the one who always has the ball, but it is possible to play off others like Bron or AD. It's just a little different for him. It's going be a difficult adjustment for him, but he'll be great for us."

While Westbrook is looking to develop within the group, James wants him to be the player that he was before coming to Los Angeles -- an extremely confident multi-time All Star, Olympian, and former league MVP.

James stated that it was difficult to integrate into a new system while also bringing your best to the table. "And if there are three guys on this team who shouldn't worry about not fitting in it's likely AD, Russ and myself. We're all going to do everything we can to win the team, but we also need to fit in.

Davis and James both blamed Westbrook's "first-gamejitters", with Davis referring to Westbrook's playing on a larger stage than he was used to. Davis also said that the lights were brighter because of Westbrook's experience returning home to play.

James stated that James was probably just thinking about a lot of things, such as growing up in L.A., watching the Lakers grow up, and then later on how many years later you are putting on a Laker uniform to walk into Staples Center.

While Westbrook was still pondering the outcome, he spoke to reporters and took responsibility for the task ahead of him and his team, as they attempt to achieve their championship goal.

He said, "I just have to figure it out." "That's it."