'Flight Simulator: GOTY Edition' adds new aircraft and locations on November 18th

Microsoft is updating Flight Simulator with a new expanded re-release. However, this may be more ambitious than others. Microsoft will release Flight Simulator: Game of the Year Edition November 18th. It includes both new content and significant feature upgrades. Five new aircraft stand out, including the F/A-18 Super Hornet. You don't need to wait for the Top Gun expansion to fly around the tower in a fighter plane. The VoloCity air-taxi, PC-6 Porter short takeoff aircraft and single-seat Aviat Pits Special S1S will be available for you to fly.
Eight new airports will be added to the GOTY upgrade, including Marine Corps Air Station Miramar (Marine Corps Air Station Miramar) and Patrick Space Force Base (Patrick Space Force Base). Eight cities will receive photogrammetry detail upgrades such as Utrecht, Nottinghm, and Helsinki. New tutorials are available, such as IFR and bush flying, and Discovery Flights.

This update also adds valuable features. DirectX 12 features will be available to you early, as well as an improved weather system, and a developer mode replay, among other improvements.

As a veteran player, existing Flight Simulator owners won't be charged for this update. This paid GOTY release is intended to attract first-timers. This is an upgrade to "thank you" that will keep everyone else coming back.