James Harden, after opting not to sign extension with Brooklyn Nets before deadline, says 'I don't plan on leaving'

James Harden said he is committed to the organization, despite not being able to extend his contract with the Nets during the offseason. (0:30).
MILWAUKEE -- James Harden didn't sign an extension before the midnight deadline Oct. 18, but he said the Brooklyn Nets have "nothing" to worry about.

Harden stated that he did not intend to take anything negative into consideration when deciding to extend the deadline.

After scoring 20 points, 8 boards and 8 assists in the Nets' 127–104 season-opening loss against the Milwaukee Bucks, Harden stated that he was just focused on his health and getting fit. "The contract, it's going to be there.

"I have no plans to leave this organization or the current situation. My focus is on the season and winning the championship. My focus will be on the season, not the contract or any other stuff.

According to ESPN's Bobby Marks, Harden's decision not to sign an extension allows the Nets' All Star to opt in to his $47.4m contract for 2022-2223 and to sign a four year, $223 million extension at next summer's start of free agency. Harden would be the first player to earn $60 million in a single year and earn $61.8 million the last year of the extension.

When asked about his feelings on Brooklyn, Harden stated that he was happy to be with the Nets.

Harden stated, "Last year was an overwhelming experience for me personally in terms of my health and playing." "So I feel like this year, I have to go back and prove that I'm one of those [elite] guys. So, I have a lot of things to prove and that's what I am most concerned about.

"I love it here. Myself and [Brooklyn owners] Joe Tsai and Clara Wu Tsai and [GM] Sean Marks and the front office, [alternate governor Oliver Weisberg] as well as [head coach] Steve Nash. It's been incredible from top to bottom. I feel at home. There's nothing to be worried about. Personally, I want to be focused on the year ahead and that's all.