Netflix's Dogs in Space Isn't Lying About the Dogs or the Space

1957 saw the Soviet Union launch a dog named Laika into space. Although it was a significant milestone in the space race's history, Laika did not enjoy it. The canine stars of Netflix's animated series Dogs in Space are hoping for better results.


They will, I assume, because they are Hello Kitty-level cute and this cartoon looks very much like one for children, with bright colors, silly jokes, and no desire to skew anything for older viewers. Here's the trailer.

If you have trouble understanding the title of the show, here is a description from Netflix: In the not too distant future, genetically-enhanced dogs are sent across all the universe to find a new home. The canines are on a massive cosmic quest to find a planet that will save mankind and, more importantly, allow them to return home to their owners.

Although I doubt that pet owners would allow their dogs to go into space to carry out a mission that is better managed by humans, I appreciate the fact that the show doesn't make too many dog-related jokes. There are no jokes about aliens looking like fire hydrants on a planet. The first season of the show has 10 episodes that are 19 minutes long. This would make it very difficult to use stale dog tropes.

Dogs in Space is a series about canines called dogs. It stars Haley Joel Osment playing Garbage, Sarah Chalke playing Stella, Kimiko Glenn playing Nomi, Chris Parnell portraying Ed, David Lopez being Chonies, William Jackson Harper acting as Loaf and J.P. Karliak portraying Happy. The show will debut on Netflix November 18.

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