Apple's groundbreaking 'polishing cloth' is backordered until November

Apple fans recognize true innovation when it is seen.
Apple's $19 "Polishing Cloth", a product that is so impressive, was snapped up by early adopters. They bought all of the stock Apple had on Monday.

On Monday, the company announced that the towelette would be delivered to Bay Area areas codes between Oct. 26-28. The delivery window was extended by three weeks only a day later. The new window will be open from Nov. 18 through Nov. 24.

The tragically uninformed will be disappointed to learn that Apple's latest creation is described by the company as a poet would describe a spring day. "Made from soft, nonabrasive materials, the Polishing cloth cleans any Apple display safely and effectively, even nano-texture glasses.

Oh, and in-store pickup is not available at the time of writing.

Bliss. Credit: screenshot: apple

It makes perfect sense. It is truly a beautiful thing to look at in digital form. We can't even imagine how it feels to touch, to feel the iPhone's soft skin while holding it. Sweet words of praise can be whispered into the ears of an Apple believer.

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This is what true Apple fans will know and we, the rest of the world, will only be able to wonder about until November.