A Florida woman is suing Brian Laundrie's dad for $40. She says it's an effort to 'break their silence' around Gabby Petito's death.

Brian Laundrie's father is being sued by a woman over a sign protest she claimed she placed near his property. Court documents include photo.
After Brian Laundrie removed a sign from her yard, a Florida woman sued him.

According to the woman, she donated funds for the protest sign that she put on an easement next to his house.

She requested that Laundrie be ordered by the court to reimburse her $40 as well as any court fees.

According to Insider, a Florida woman claims Brian Laundrie's dad removed a Gabby Peto lawn sign she had placed. She is suing him for $40 to try to get the family to stop their silence on the matter.

Andra Griffin of Bradenton filed Monday's lawsuit in the small claims section of a Sarasota County Court. Insider was able to view Griffin's lawsuit. She claims that she contributed funds to the creation of the sign.

It said, "What if Cassie was there?" In reference to Christopher Laundrie’s daughter. The lawsuit photo shows Christopher Laundrie taking down the sign and walking towards his North Port, Florida home.

According to the lawsuit, Christopher Laundrie (Defendant) allegedly walked out of his house on October 16th 2021 and then stole the sign. He then walked back onto his property.

Steven Bertolino, a lawyer for the Laundrie family, told Insider Tuesday that the family was being "harassed" with lawsuits over a $40 sign they had placed on their property. He said that it was likely that the family would be sued and that the sign should be removed.

The lawsuit was filed as protestors and gawkers have gathered around the Laundrie family home to inquire about Brian Laundrie's involvement in the death of Petito, his fiance. Fox News caught two protestors on camera crashing into the house in the middle of night and shouting "Come on Dirty Laundries!"

Griffin spoke to Insider by phone on Tuesday and stated that she is one the two community activists who protest outside the home of Laundries, who she repeatedly called the "Dirty Laundries". She said that the crowd grows to around a dozen on weekends.

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Griffin claimed that she filed the lawsuit to force the Laundries into speaking out about Petito's death.

"I am not involved in the lawsuit. She said that it's something that will keep this relevant." It's something that will drive the Laundries crazy.

Griffin stated that she and other activists made a memorial to Petito. She first visited city hall to examine a map of Petito's property to make sure he didn’t own the land they wanted to place.

She said that the Laundries "truly believe that they were wholly involved in their son fleeing law enforcement," and added: "We are losing faith in law enforcement. They've done this so well, even though we support them.

Bertolino stated previously to Insider that the Laundries do not know where their son is and that any speculation that they were involved in his disappearance was "just wrong."

Her family reported Petito missing in New York on September 11th, 10 days after Brian Laundrie returned to Florida in his converted van that he and Petito had used to travel across the United States. Laundrie's family reported him missing on September 17 and authorities are still looking for the man. He is wanted for fraud with bank cards.

Petito's corpse was discovered in Wyoming a few days later, in a camping area close to Grand Teton National Forest. The Wyoming coroner found that Petito had been strangled and declared her death a homicide.

According to court documents, Griffin spent $65 to file the small claims lawsuit against Laundrie. According to court documents, she asked for Laundrie's reimbursement of $40 and court fees.

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