Rebel Wilson Opened Up About The Frustrating Public “Obsession” With Her Body Rather Than Her Career

The 41-year old actor spoke out in a new interview with Australia's Daily Telegraph about the media attention she has received mainly around her physical appearance change, despite multiple successes at work.
2019 saw four movies, two of which were produced by me, and one that was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture. Yet, I still get more media the next year, even though I do not lose weight.

Rebel added that when I was at my worst, I also received the most international attention.

The Pitch Perfect star appeared frustrated by the attention paid to her body. She explained that she understood why people were so attracted to it.

She said that people are obsessed with their [weight]. But I get it. Oprah is one my heroes. Oprah has clearly struggled with eating problems, and I would always tune in to her episodes about it.

Rebel shared her happiness at maintaining her new lifestyle and being able to control her emotional eating habits.

She said that it was the first time she had ever lost weight and kept it off. I am prouder of this fact. Because it was a lifestyle change and a way to deal with emotional eating that worked, it worked. I am not completely cured. You can't be. However, I have learned how to manage it.

Rebel posted a candid Instagram photo a few months back detailing her new eating habits. Rebel posted a picture of herself at a tennis tournament and recalled feeling her worst.

I am aware that I usually post flattering photos of me... but I found this photo in my email and thought: "Whoa!" she wrote in her caption.

This was back when I was my worst, being obese and eating a lot of junk food. I used food to soothe my emotions.

I am proud of her achievements and look back at her. I just wanted to offer encouragement to anyone struggling with emotional eating, weight issues, or body image.


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