How the Mouse Pointer Deals with the Notch on the MacBook Pro

Both the new MacBook Pros 14-inch (16-inch) have a notch. This is a first for Mac. We haven't seen a notch on a Mac before so we are curious about macOS' handling of the notch and, more specifically, what happens to the mouse pointer.

Over the past 24 hours, the question of how the mouse pointer handles a notch has been raised on Twitter and Reddit. Reddit posted an animation showing two options. One showed the mouse pointer traveling behind the notch and being invisible to the user. Another option showed the mouse pointer moving around the notch.

We won't have long to wait for the new MacBook Pros to arrive. Linda Dong, an Apple designer has confirmed via Twitter that the macOS mouse pointer travels behind a notch. This allows users to hide it from view.

This will make the notch an ideal hiding spot for the mouse pointer. This can be useful when the user wants to hide their mouse pointer more easily while watching a video.

Apple is working to make the notch less annoying for customers who use it every day. Apple places an artificial black bar at the top of macOS apps when they are in full screen mode. This hides the notch. Developers have the option to allow apps to use all of the screen real estate, including the notch. Our comprehensive review explains the new MacBook Pros, both 14-inch and 16,-inch.