Watch: Freakish and rare water tornado in Cuba astounds people

Even though tornadoes are scary enough, water tornadoes (also known as a waterspout) outweigh all other frightening weather phenomena.
On the Southern coast of Cuba, Cienfuegos Bay was hit by a waterspout on October 16. Alvaro Prez Senra, a meteorologist, captured the amazing event on video.

According to Reuters, the giant waterspout lasted for about 10 minutes. This is enough time to scare anyone in the vicinity.

According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a water tornado can be described as a swirling column of air and mist. Fair weather tornado was the one that struck Cuba last weekend.

According to the NOAA's website, fair weather waterspouts typically form at the base of a line formed by cumulus clouds. This kind of waterspout is not usually associated with thunderstorms. A fair weather waterspout will be visible by the time it reaches maturity.

Although they are impressive and quite mesmerizing, waterpouts can cause serious material damage and injury when they reach land.

Although it was rare, the Cienfuegos Metropolitanological Center reported on the Saturday's event. It also noted that another waterpout occurred in Cienfuegos on June 1.